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Monthly Archives for October 2014

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, guys! I’m so thrown off this week with my son having off school yesterday and today, I can’t keep track of what day it actually is! I was laughing with my husband yesterday because I forget just what a Chatty Kathy my son can be. It was very apparent to me as my husband […]

Time for a Sale

Well guys, technically I had an outfit post planned for today but then it decided to rain all day yesterday when the shoot was to take place. While it rained and my daughter napped (and my son was in school) I had a chance to browse the Shopbop sale. In case you missed it, today […]

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

I’m sure it’s obvious by now that I have a weakness for all things cinnamon and sugar. There’s just something about that combo that I can rarely pass by. This pull-apart bread isn’t difficult by any means. You do, however, need to pay careful attention to the instructions when it comes to the cutting portion. […]

Trick or Treat

This past weekend I finally broke out my fall decor. Since pumpkins had officially entered our home I figured it was time to tackle some costumes for Halloween. The part that drives me crazy, and I’m hopefully not alone here, is when my children start deciding what they want to be all on their own without […]

The Poncho

One of my favorite fall layering pieces would be the poncho. A sweater poncho is a great piece to have on hand when you need to add an extra layer of warmth to your ensemble. It’s great to throw on for football games, soccer games, fall festivals, pumpkin picking….I could go on and on. I […]

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Nothing crazy out of the ordinary around here this past week. Just keeping up with the norm can be exhausting enough as it is. Oh and then, not exactly a ‘high’ (more like a low) occurred after walking into my 2yo’s room after her nap to a white crib covered in #2. And […]

Lilac + Moss

Oh, hey moss green pants, long time no see! Yea, I’m being facetious which you already knew if you read Monday’s post. So far what I’ve realized about these pants (outside of the fact that they’re overly comfortable and a nice alternative to everyday jeans) is that this shade of moss looks beautiful with pastels. […]

Potato Leek Soup

I’m a fan of potatoes in basically any form, but as a soup would rank towards the top. Well, after mashed potatoes and french fries, I suppose! I don’t come across Potato Leek Soup on menus all that often, but when I do I am quick to order it. I love how subtle yet delicious […]

Loving Lately: Blues

Regardless of the season, I am always drawn to shades of blue. From clothing to accessories and home decor, I love being surrounded in blues. I’ve grouped together a bunch of items that have recently caught my eye to share with you all. I’m smitten with this cape jacket, so fun yet ladylike. This light […]

Chill in the Air

I love fall. What I don’t appreciate is when the weather decides to jump from the 70’s to the 50’s in the blink of an eye leaving no time for light layering. I’m hoping this weather was just a tease and we’ll be seeing many sunny 60 degree days this month! My teeth were nearly […]

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