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Worried about picking the wrong paint color for your home?

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling a few rooms, or just want to freshen up your living space, picking paint colors can be overwhelming.

Walk into any paint store and you’re immediately overwhelmed with hundreds of paint colors.

Did you know there over 100 shades of white to choose from? How in the world are you supposed to select the perfect color by looking at this?

The truth is, without understanding the art and science of color, you’re just guessing.

And if you end up guessing wrong, it can cost you a ton of money and time:

  • Buying expensive gallons of premium paint ($$)
  • Hiring painters ($$$)
  • Painting it yourself (All weekend long!)

For years this was my life, agonizing over color swatches, multiple expensive trips to Sherwin Williams, buckets of half used paint all over the basement, and a husband with very tired arms.

Despite having a good eye for color, it remained a gamble for me. I knew what looked good and what didn’t, but it wasn’t until I studied and was certified under True Color Expert, Maria Kilam, that I FINALLY understood what made certain colors work and why others didn’t.

I started sharing these secrets with friends and family and they LOVED the results.

Here’s a testimonial from Abby:

“I had ideas of what I “like” in a kitchen/living area but connecting colors and patterns and digging through the myriad of choices available was a stressful thought for me and one that kept me from making changes in my home. Marisa not only took that stress away, but her personality is one that is inviting and easy to talk to and fun to work with.

She has the ability to “see” what you “want” and to take her own ideas of beauty and design and create something you will love. The experience was the best I’ve ever had in working on any project in my home and I’ve utilized her skills multiple times since the first major kitchen/living space project and will likely never do any other design project without Marisa’s input.

She’s amazing, incredibly lovely in every way, and a gift to those of us who want a beautiful home, but aren’t always confident in ourselves to make it happen alone, but above that, she’s honest, hardworking, sincerely caring and truly will love your home as if it is her home. You’ll end up with not just a fantastic designer, but also a new friend :)”

Here’s another from Alecia:

Thank you so so much for spending so much time looking at colors yesterday! I went from feeling overwhelmed to excited about paint in a matter of a couple hrs because of the thoughtfulness you put into exploring color in our house! I took the kids to buy some of the paint samples today!

‍If you’re local to the State College area and building a new home or renovating your existing home and would like help picking the perfect paint color, fill out the form below and we’ll chat about your goals and aspirations. Please include as much detail as possible so that I am able to provide an accurate quote for the services.