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J.Crew Try-On

Happy Monday, all! It was a great weekend full of friends, family, soccer and grocery shopping. I’d call it well rounded ;) I was in Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon for my cousin’s baby shower where btw I had the most amazing piece of lavender infused cake, Oh.My.Goodness! (if you’re local to the area, it came form […]

Insta Lately

Hey guys! Happy Friday! This week has felt like a marathon around here but I can see the finish line! I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow which means I get to spend the day with my mom and sister traveling and maybe a little shopping afterwards. It also means I’ll be trapped in […]

Shop Bop’s Event of The Season SALE

Shop Bop is having one of their BIG sales today through Friday. This is the place to grab any of those pricier pieces that you have your eye on and rarely go on sale! Get your go-to denim for the summer, a fresh pair of Converse, or a fun frilly top. I always get asked […]

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Dressed in Navy

If I had to pick one color to wear forever, navy would probably be it. It’s universally flattering and looks great all year round! Since it’s so great, I decided to just take this look monochromatic. If you’re on the hunt for workwear, this top and pair of pants are two pieces you should look […]

Think Pink

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week on here and I haven’t even gotten around to sharing and style inspo with you until now! I’ve loved hearing all of your feedback on both The Faster Way post as well as the Interior Renovation that I shared. I love that I can share a little bit […]

Interior Renovation: Before & After

To those of you that follow along on Instagram, you’ve seen a bit of the process behind the latest renovation project that I helped to design. The owners are some of the kindest people who entrusted their home to the builders (Steve Hackman Builders) and myself while they were away in FL for a few […]

All About The Faster Way to Fat Loss

Health, wellness and fitness have always been an important part of my adult life. In high school I danced and played volleyball and have led a fairly active lifestyle since then. Throughout my college years I took various fitness classes and even taught some step aerobics classes here and there…I feel like I’m really dating […]

Our Favorite Taco Bowls

Tacos are a huge hit in our house and I’m guessing the same may be true for yours. For a time, I gave up on the meal because I was so bored with the thought of eating our same old tacos time and again. Yet, my kids continued to beg for them. It was then […]

Easter Style: Mommy & Me

I had a follower recently ask if I could tackle some Mommy and Me looks for Easter. I had already planned to tackle some dress options for you and I, but I thought it was a great idea to add some options for those that also have little ladies to coordinate with! I had so […]