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Stepping into Spring

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Niagara Falls

Last week was Spring Break for our kids and instead of venturing to any warmer weather destinations, we decided to head north to Niagara Falls. It had been well over a decade since my husband or I had been there and our kids had yet to see the falls. It was however because of the […]

How to Style: Everlane Wide-Leg Cropped Pants

Hey guys! It’s quite a hectic week around here. Mostly good (get togethers, dinner with long-distance friends, projects in the works, volunteer time) mixed with the unexpected (a broken arm and cast for my eldest paired with a fever which will lead to who knows what). Life is a constant roller coaster isn’t it? My […]

Springing Ahead

Happy Monday! It’s a little difficult coming off of a week of Spring Break (for the kids….it was ‘game on’ for the parents!), as well as the time change and springing forward. It was pitch black when we woke up to get the kids off to school today! But it’s also nice to get back […]

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Target Try-On

Hey guys! Today I’ve got a little Target try-on session to share with you. I honestly wasn’t even venturing into the store with this purpose, but it organically happened and sometimes those end up being the best try-on sessions anyway! I was curious to try on some pieces from their new pj line as well […]

In the Wild

It’s a new week with more freshly fallen snow that we woke to! I love that we get to experience all four seasons, but come March, mother nature really likes to test me ;) This week is actually Spring Break for the kids and we are heading up to Niagara Falls with friends of ours […]

Weekend SALES

Hey guys! I wasn’t sure whether or not I had it in me to get a post pulled together today, but as I’ve been browsing all the sales happening, I knew I had to share some of them with you! There are four retailers offering some really great deals, so I’ve gathered some of my […]

Beauty Go-To’s

When it comes to all things beauty and make-up I’m not one that’s constantly trying new products. When I find something that works I tend to stick to it for some time. But with that said, my routine does fluctuate every so often. Sometimes it’s because I run out of a product and decide to […]

Lighter Layers

Hi guys! As I’m working on putting this post together, I almost have myself fooled into thinking that the weather is warming up. It’s most definitely not, haha. But I’m tiring of wearing my heavy layers for every blog post, so I braved the cold and styled a fresh everyday look for the warmer days […]

Everyday Striped Pullover

Happy Friday, guys! I swear, these weeks are starting to feel like mini-roller-coasters to me. With scattered school cancellations and delays the past few weeks, you never seem to know what each day will bring. I haven’t been throwing much together in terms of outfits, and when I do it looks a little something like […]