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Loft Try-On

Fall apparel is working its way onto the shelves and I had a great time trying on some of Loft’s newest arrivals and mixing and matching a lot of their pieces! Fortunately they have extended their 40% off sale so you can still take advantage of this discount on what I’ll be sharing below! Unless […]

Casual Friday

Friday always flies in out of nowhere, doesn’t it? It’s always welcome, don’t get me wrong, but it makes me realize what a whirlwind Monday-Thursday are! We have some fun plans over the weekend to look forward to as we continue to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather. I hope you all are looking […]

Fall Kitchen Updates

As fall continues to approach and I begin to layer up accordingly, I also find myself spending more time in our kitchen. Throughout the summer we spent a lot of our time outdoors and our grill was constantly put to use at dinner time. But as the seasons change, so does my desire to prepare […]

Loving Lately: Fall Jackets

I’m never one to rush summer on it’s way, but guys, I adore fall. For all the cliche reasons but most of all for the drop in temperatures. 60-70 degree (sunshine filled) days bring me so much joy. Our outfits obviously fall in suite with jackets being one of our key wardrobe staples. The beauty […]

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JCrew Factory: Fall Outfit Ideas

It’s Friday, we have a long weekend ahead and the temperature has dropped into the 70’s which is my idea of perfection. There are a lot of great fall pieces coming out and I recently placed an order at JCrew Factory. I love both JCrew and their Factory store because you can get a range […]

Stars and Stripes

It can be challenging moving along with our everyday lives at times when there is grief, suffering and loss happening in other parts of the world yet hitting so close to home. My heart has ached and my prayers have been lifted for the lives that were lost this past week. I feel so very […]

Pretty Pinks

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that pink, well, specifically rose, has been my color theme lately. Honestly it’s a color I’m always drawn to. That and mint. But with the recent addition of a rose colored sofa in our living room, rose just may be taking the lead. The dusty, muted pink […]


With school starting and fall just around the corner, I stopped into Loft to see what new arrivals were trickling in. Although there wasn’t as much filling the racks as I was hoping for just yet, I still found quite a few share-worthy pieces. When I posed the question on Instagram as to what everyone […]

Currently Wearing

To be honest, many of my summer days are spent makeup free in workout clothes (that I never make it out of) or a swimsuit. I’ll pull myself together when I have meetings but otherwise I’m thankful for the flexibility in my schedule, allowing me to work in whatever I please. With fall around the […]

Light Layers

There’s just something about a beautiful scarf that can add so much to an outfit. This one in particular is light-weight and airy so that it can even be worn in the thick of summer to give your outfit a little more interest. To keep things simple, I layered this scarf over one of my […]

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