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Neutral Palette

Once Christmas passes, I find myself removing all the bright and cheerful decor and returning my home to a relatively neutral and light color palette. In some ways I miss the vibrance that disappears, but at the same time I appreciate the calmness that comes. My outfits in some ways tend to follow suit. Although […]

Thoughts As We Enter A New Year

Happy 2022, guys! I just looked back and realized that my last post was over a month ago and at one time, that would have driven me crazy. I used to strive for strict consistency in many facets of my life, and while consistency is still something that I thrive on, I’m learning to be […]

Holiday Style

After I shared my last post where I styled a pair of velvet pants in a dressed down manner, the wheels started spinning. I thought about more of my festive pieces that hold a spot in my closet but only get worn once or twice a season if they’re lucky. As I brainstormed, more and […]

Dressing Down Festive Attire

When it comes to festive clothing, I’m guessing a lot of you have some sequins, sparkle, velvet etc. hanging in your closet. The problem (or at least my problem) is that I rarely get to wear them as we only have a few short weeks to go all out. So I decided to find some […]

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Gift Guide: Boys

Wrapping up the week of gift guides, I’m finishing with a gift guide for the boys. As I did with the girls, I attempted to share an array of items that would cover a range of ages. Granted many items on this guide may be appealing to the girls and vice versa (my girls love […]

Gift Guide: Girl

I always have such a fun time shopping for my girls. They may continue to get pickier with their clothing selections as they begin to hone in on their own personal style, but outside of clothing, they really enjoy an array of things. Instead of breaking these guides down into various age groups, I did […]

Gift Guide: For the Hostess

For today’s gift guide, I’ve gathered items that would be perfect to treat your host/hostesses over the holidays. Although I categorized these as hostess gifts, many of these items would work well for teachers, co-workers and friends alike. It’s always a thoughtful gesture to show our appreciation for the many people that care for us […]

Gift Guide: For Her

As a follow-up to the guys gift guide that I shared yesterday, we are jumping right into the most exciting guide (in my opinion) and that’s the gift guide for her! Use this as a resource for your friends, sisters, mothers, sneak in a little something for yourself or send this post to your significant […]

Gift Guide: For Him

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and then the Christmas season will be in full swing! I began shopping earlier than normal this year which has already proven to be reducing some stress and anxiety as the holidays draw near. I never like to feel forced into a purchase, […]

Fall Neutrals

I’m all for the use of color throughout the fall and winter seasons, but there’s something comforting about layering on the neutrals. The term neutral likely varies from person to person, but navy and cognac certainly fall into that category for me in terms of clothing. A great navy pant (guys, these are such a […]

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