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Crock Pot Brown Sugar & Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Last week I shared a go-to list of crock pot recipes that I hope you’ve been enjoying! This recipe was one that was recommended to me by a friend (also included on that list) and was one I was excited to try out. Guys, I have a renewed love for pork tenderloin! Holy cow was […]

A Beautiful Fall

I hate to jinx anything, but we have been having a gorgeous fall! The colors have been vibrant and the temperatures have been overwhelmingly mild. I love these days where I’m able to dress in lighter layers without completely bundling up. You know I’ve been in love with my Everlane wide leg pants for some […]

Go-To Crock Pot Recipes

My crock pot is a work horse in our kitchen. With three kids and busy schedules all around, I love when I’m not required to be tied to the stove come five o’clock. With the mix of fall weather and after school sports and practices, I find myself reaching for the crock pot on a […]

Audrey’s Big Girl Room

Someone has a new bedroom and she’s pretty excited about it! Making the transition from a nursery to a big-kid room for Audrey may have been all fun for her, but it was a little more difficult on my end. We know our family feels complete, but saying goodbye to the crib and rocker that […]

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A Really Good Blazer

Hi guys! If you didn’t catch it on Instagram yet, yes, I cut my hair again. I find myself on a constant cycle of letting it grow out (and by grow out, I mean chin length, lol) and then taking it back to what I refer to as ‘short‘. I get bored easily and my […]

Sweater Weather

Happy Friday! With cooler weather creeping in, sweaters have been on my radar. I’ve only purchased a couple so far, but I wanted to share some of the others that have been catching my eye. There are so many great options, many of which are currently on sale. Speaking of sales, here are a few […]

Styling a Chambray Shirt 4 Ways

When it comes to closet workhorses, my chambray shirt is definitely in the top 5. Every so often I’ll update my go-to, this one being my current favorite, but overall, a denim shirt is a denim shirt. Just as a good pair of jeans coordinate with a million different outfits, a denim shirt can work […]

Fall Layering

There are so many changes during fall. Colors change, leaves fall and temps go from high to low to high to low, day in and day out. Currently here in PA, we wake with 40 degree temps that rise to the 60’s by late afternoon only to rapidly drop the minute the sun begins to […]

A Dozen Helpful Children’s Products

Although this post will prove to be most helpful to parents with young children, it can also serve as a resourceful gift guide to others. I’m talking the types of gifts that parents are grateful to receive and not merely count down the days until the batteries die ;) I’ve realized lately as we’ve done […]

Color Blocked

Part of the fun in dressing for fall is pulling together all the pretty color combos. Navy is a great way to ground an outfit (denim is another easy option), and color blocked sweaters bring in a bold and playful element. You can find them in soft or bold colors based on your preference and […]

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