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Mirror Mirror…

When it comes to decorating, I have always had a weak spot for a good mirror. I love how they can fill a space artfully, be used to bounce light throughout a room or be placed strategically so you can check your hair on your way out the door! A good mirror can totally make […]

Denim Bow Top

Happy Monday, guys! Maybe some of you are enjoying an extended weekend as I am with my kids home from school today. Actually, as a stay at home mom, I do believe that’s called over-time for me, haha! We had a great weekend and I actually ended up wearing this outfit two days in a […]

Insta Round-Up

Hi, guys! I hope you enjoyed a great Valentine’s Day yesterday! Whether you spent time with friends, family or a significant other, dining out or eating in, I hope you had time to celebrate those you love most. Jack and I cooked a delicious meal at home after we fed the kids. We typically aren’t […]

My Favorites from the Anthro Sale

Well friends, we had another snow day yesterday (as well as today!). So you know how my day went….lots of running around the house and laughing and toys scattered everywhere and baking cookies and then some tears and me yelling over spilt milk by the end of the evening. Oh my. And then I was […]

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Baby Blue

Hi, all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I was traveling most of the day yesterday so that I was able to see some of my favorite girlfriends from college as one of them is about to welcome their first baby into the world. I spent over five hours listening to Rachel Hollis’ podcast […]

Lighter-weight Outerwear

Hello Friday! Well, we made it through the week without any school delays or cancelations, so that’s a plus. It also allowed me to have a fairly productive week and that’s never a bad thing! I was actually working at a coffee shop Tuesday morning when my girlfriend texted me with a request for some […]


Hey guys! I’ve got another Loft try-on for you today! It’s funny, there are times I stop in store just to see what’s new and browse around a bit, never knowing if I’ll have enough content to pull a whole post together with or not. But wouldn’t you know, I find more than enough every […]

Wrapped Up

I feel like I’m always praising or complaining about the weather on here, but being that it dictates our daily outfits, they basically go hand in hand. Well, after a week of colder than cold weather, we actually reached 50 degrees yesterday! It was glorious. I’ve had this top since well before Christmas, but thankfully […]

Loungy Pieces to Love

Goodness, guys, what a week! I never thought I’d be happy to see the temp reach 20 degrees! Our kids were home yesterday and I was more than happy to stay cuddled at home. Well, 9, 6 and 3 year olds don’t actually cuddle for long, but it was nice while it lasted :) Since […]

A Joyful Closet

Today I’m sharing our freshly organized master closet. A closet that for the first time since we’ve lived here (over three years) finally brings me joy. I’ve shared a few rooms in our home with you all, but never would I have thought that our closet would be next on the list. When we moved […]

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