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4th of July Sale Round-Up

Every year the 4th of July rolls around all too quickly. This year especially, we are enjoying the summer months that allow us to be outdoors in the sunshine taking advantage of as much as we are able to. In true 2020 fashion, this holiday will look a little different for all of us, but […]

Summer Style: Kimono + Wide Leg Pants

It’s been many months since I’ve had an actual outfit post to share with you all. You remember the kind where I actually pull myself together and use an actual camera to shoot some pretty pics and share some style ideas with you? We took some time over the weekend to shoot a few different […]

Mix ‘n Match New Arrivals

Happy Friday!! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I have some new arrivals that I wanted to share with you guys, great mix and match pieces for your wardrobe… These shorts were a no-brainer. I absolutely love the fit and style (I’m in the S). They’ll go with just about everything this summer! […]

Fashionably Festive

As with most things as of late, our 4th of July plans may not look exactly as they have in years past, but I’m guessing many of you will be celebrating the day in one form or another. I do own one ‘stars and stripes’ t-shirt, but for the most part my festive style would […]

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Life & Style Lately

I’m not exactly (well, not at all) back to shooting looks to share in a more edited and professional way, but a lot of times I feel as though many of you relate well to the snapped shots of outfits I pull together on a daily basis. Instagram tends to get a lot more of […]

Loft Try-On

Guys! I have a TRY-ON to share!! Our local Loft store opened its doors this week and although it’s certainly not normal with all of the protocol in order, it was nice to actually be able to see clothes in person again. It wasn’t until I had a handful of clothes to try-on that I […]

Loving Lately: Summer Sales

I suppose it’s not technically summer just yet, but it sure has felt like it this week! School is out, our pool is (thankfully) open and it’s been creeping around 90 degrees the past few days! I’ve been here juggling all the things, between kids the house and work, some days keeping all the balls […]

Father’s Day: Gift Guide

My goodness this week has completely gotten away from me! Between the four-day week, keeping the kids on track with schoolwork (only a few more days!) and design projects picking back up, the days have been flying by. That being said, Father’s Day is going to be here in no time. In addition to all […]

Tie Dyed

Tie dye is certainly having a moment. It’s something that my kids have enjoyed doing every summer, as did I when I was young. But I have to say, my tie dyes never turned out looking nearly as good as the ones that are available to us today. With such a wide array at our […]

Outdoor Fun

We are all likely to be spending more time at home this summer than we typically would, so my plan is to create as much fun as we can. We cleaned out our garage over the weekend and dug out all the summer toys to wipe down and immediately put into play. Our kids love […]

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