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Outdoor Living/Dining Space

Outdoor living spaces seem to be something that many of us are appreciating more than ever. Being able to expand your square footage by any amount can feel like quite the luxury. This year we made a few updates to our deck that have made a huge difference in the way we utilize the space. […]

Madewell Summer Sweater + Shorts

I love coming across a really good summer sweater. What I mean by really good is that it has to have a nice, relaxed fit, be warm enough for chilly nights but still light and breezy and come in a light, neutral color that goes with everything while also showing off sunkissed skin ;) Every […]

Instagram Lately

I don’t know about you guys, but we are enjoying every bit of summer. Fall feels so daunting to me, especially for those of us with school-aged children, so I want to soak up these days that are full of less worry and decision making. Being able to be outdoors as much as possible, enjoying […]

Everyday Style + JCrew Perfect Rain Jacket

As much as I’d prefer sunny days all summer long, I know that the rain is what brings life and color to our beautiful surroundings. I have a solid navy rain jacket that I’ve had for probably close to ten years and still love, but when I saw that this fun leopard print was marked […]

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Everyday Style: Girly Girl

I love a good girly look. Ruffles, bows, eyelet details…I’m here for it all. For the past few months, my focus has been practical in purchasing what I’m most comfortable wearing around the home. But now that my schedule isn’t completely empty, it’s nice to have a few pretty pieces to turn to. The problem […]

Athletic-Wear Favorites

Workout-wear feels more important to my wardrobe than ever before these days. With summer upon us, there are many days that I never make it out of my morning workout attire. Unless we are heading to the pool, it doesn’t always seem necessary since we’ll likely just be carrying on outdoors. I’m becoming quite fond […]

4th of July Sale Round-Up

Every year the 4th of July rolls around all too quickly. This year especially, we are enjoying the summer months that allow us to be outdoors in the sunshine taking advantage of as much as we are able to. In true 2020 fashion, this holiday will look a little different for all of us, but […]

Summer Style: Kimono + Wide Leg Pants

It’s been many months since I’ve had an actual outfit post to share with you all. You remember the kind where I actually pull myself together and use an actual camera to shoot some pretty pics and share some style ideas with you? We took some time over the weekend to shoot a few different […]

Mix ‘n Match New Arrivals

Happy Friday!! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I have some new arrivals that I wanted to share with you guys, great mix and match pieces for your wardrobe… These shorts were a no-brainer. I absolutely love the fit and style (I’m in the S). They’ll go with just about everything this summer! […]

Fashionably Festive

As with most things as of late, our 4th of July plans may not look exactly as they have in years past, but I’m guessing many of you will be celebrating the day in one form or another. I do own one ‘stars and stripes’ t-shirt, but for the most part my festive style would […]

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