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With all of the illness going around, I’m sure happy to see that Friday is here! The kids’ school was actually closed for a couple of days this week due to the excessive amount of kids and staff that were absent. I’m hoping everyone is rounding a corner soon!! Yesterday I had a return to […]

Loving Lately: Spring Jackets

I don’t know about you guys, but as March approaches, I always get the itch to play around with Spring jackets. Our weather here is rarely ready for Spring until April, but I’m personally ready to break free of the wool and puffer coats. Similar to the way I’ll layer on sweaters when it’s 60 […]

Spring in My Step

Hope you all had a great weekend! The kids are off school today, my 10 yo is in bed with a fever and my girls are doing their best to stay occupied. It’s one of those, play, play, play, argue, play, play, play argue deals ;) Then there’s me trying to sanitize, wash sheets and […]

Loft: Spring Pieces

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! We are typically a low key Valentine’s household. I have baskets of little treats for the kids, we started the morning with donuts and Jack and I are planning on a brunch while the kids are in school. Chances are very good that we’ll be cuddled up with a movie come […]

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Everlane Favorites

Many of you know my love for my Everlane. It was just about a year ago that I first began purchasing from them and the handful of items I now own have become staples in my closet. If you aren’t familiar with Everlane, they focus on making ethically made clothing with exceptional quality at fair […]

A Little Leopard and a Pretty Bag

Hi guys! For those of you that follow along on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen me sharing this leopard sweatshirt, because I’ve been wearing it a whole lot. It’s one of those pieces you’re so happy to reach for because it’ll go from dress up to dress down and add a punch to any outfit! […]

Quilted Layers

Am I the only one feeling like this is the third Monday in a row this week?! Maybe I’ll actually get caught up on life today. Maybe. I think our weather is just as confused as I am lately. We’ve been bouncing between 30 and 50 degree weather, keeping us all on our toes with […]

JCrew Sale Picks

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was packed with birthday parties, kids sports and Super Bowl festivities. We hosted some friends for the game, had a great time and kept our kids up way past bedtime…my apologies to their teachers! I had other plans in mind on here today, but […]

Everyday Make-Up Favorites

Hi guys! When it comes to the makeup department, I’m not one that’s constantly changing up my routine, but I am always curious as to what others are using in their day to day routines. Obviously shades and colors will vary for everyone, but below you will find my tried and true products, most of […]

A Sweater to Brighten up these Gloomy Days

This sweater was the front runner from my Loft try-on that I shared Monday. It was such a fresh find that adds some cheer to the gloomy weather we’ve been having. The sleeves have just enough volume to give it some additional interest but they aren’t over powering and don’t get in the way with […]

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