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Gift Guide: For KIDS

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Today is all about gift ideas for the kiddos! My kids range in age from 7-13 so that’s where I feel the most versed, however I did my best to include ideas for a wider age range as well as keeping the ideas fairly gender neutral. Some of the larger gift ideas include this Crazy Cart (we have two and they are a neighborhood favorite), lego sets for the older kids (my son is hoping to find this NASA rocket under the tree and this Home Alone house is one I wouldn’t mind working on either!) and a comfy plush chair to relax/read/game in. My older two have a lot Harry Potter items on their list this year, this coloring book being one of them. We also have this trivia game that they love testing their knowledge on. I love that Cards Against Humanity came out with a family friendly game that we all can enjoy. A cute Christmas story and a festive mini waffle maker would also be hits here. I’ve become a sock snob and it’s now rubbing off on my kids! Everyone loves their Bombas and I love their great quality as well as comfort. There’s always the mini polaroid that kids seem to love (my girls each have one) and they have lots of accessories to along, such as this cute picture frame. Practically speaking, my kids always love a new water bottle and they find alarm clocks fun at their young ages (ok, maybe not my teenager). My son and his friends love these cubes as they are easy to maneuver and have magnets inside which some of the other brands do not (don’t ask me, I’m not a cuber!). The Echo Dot is another practical gift that I find beneficial for myself. Our kids each have one in their rooms which allows me to drop in to ask them questions instead of yelling from all over the house! You can also use it as a clock and play music on, which my girls take full advantage of. I hope some of these things will bring smiles to their sweet faces come Christmas morning!

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