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Love Loft Sale + Try On

There will be sales everywhere you look this weekend, but I was excited to get back into one of my favorite stores to check out the fall goodies that are trickling in. Most everything in the store is 40-50% off at Loft, which is always my favorite time to shop! I love this time of […]

J. Crew Try-On and Sale

This past weekend I was able to squeeze in a little shopping on our way home from the shore. J.Crew was one store that I was excited to swing by and was thrilled to see that they were having a 40% off sale. Unfortunately it doesn’t include everything, but luckily the bulk of what I […]

Striped Shirt Dress

Hi guys! We are back from vacation and adjusting back into a sense of normalcy around here. My older two start school on Wednesday so we have two final days to enjoy and prepare. We had a wonderful time down at the shore last week and I’m missing that sand for sure! One of my […]

Denim Favorites

Denim is the foundation of so many great outfits. Having quality pieces that fit your shape well, can be worth every penny. Once in a while I come across some relatively inexpensive pieces of denim that exceed my expectations (this denim jacket is one great example), but for the most part, I tend to invest […]

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Summertime Boho

Although August always flies by, it’s a month that I always enjoy. Since our kids don’t start back until the very end of the month, it’s a month we get to enjoy while feeling as though summer has really settled in. We swim, we grill, we explore, we sleep in, we vacation….I’d gladly take a […]

Midi Dress

Happy Wednesday guys! As we enjoy our last few weeks of summer including a vacation coming up, I’m not going to push the creative content, but rather roll with what happens a little more organically. Like yesterday, for example, I ventured into Target with the kids along-side me, and we all came out with a […]

Tie-Front Top

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was spent with friends relaxing and enjoying summer as we cooked out and and had fun at the pool. I know some kids start back soon, but we actually have three more weeks until ours head back to school, so I’m enjoying the last few […]

LOFT: Try-On

With very little time to myself this summer, it’s been difficult to squeeze in many try-on sessions. I did manage to get into our Loft quickly yesterday to see what was new and try a few things on for you guys. Many of these pieces are 40% off online, but if you can make it […]

White on White

With only a few short days left in July, I began to realize how quickly summer is flying by. As hectic as it can be with all three kids home during the summer, I don’t wish these months away at all! I enjoy our laid back days with our only real commitment being swim team […]

Picturesque Date Night

It may appear as though we ran off to Napa, but our latest date night took place a mere 15 minutes from our home. I always appreciate how picturesque it is here in central PA and I love discovering breathtaking new views that I never knew existed! Leave it to our good friends Joel and […]

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