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Loving Lately: Kitchen Refresh

As we slowly approach spring, not only do I find myself seeking out fun fresh colors for my wardrobe, but I also enjoy freshening up my kitchen. I never like a lot of clutter on my counter, but instead I focus on practical pieces that serve a function. What’s even better is when these functional pieces are beautiful on their own and blend right in with my decor. This especially holds true for those of you that have open shelving in your kitchen. I’d tuck away all those mis-matched mugs and display these beauties next to your coffee canister instead.

I should have began with this, but if you follow along on Instagram, you know having a mini lamp placed somewhere on your counter is a non-negotiable for me. Regardless of whether you have under counter lighting or not, a lamp in the evening hours provides the most perfect ambiance. You won’t regret adding one, I promise! I also love to decorate with practical items that can be utilized in various ways, such as using a tray to hold a lamp, a candle (I love this scent) or a candy dish alongside it. Filling a pretty pitcher with flowers or eucalyptus is a great way to bring some life into your home. I also personally love adding some art in the kitchen. Whether it’s on a shelf, leaning against your backsplash or hung with a command hook (my preference), it’s an easy way to add a little more beauty and personality to your home. A lot of these are very simple ideas, yet they can make a big impact!

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