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‘Tis the season for home refreshes! This is my first post of 2023 and I’m feeling inspired and ready to freshen things up around our house as I’m sure many of you are too. My color consulting business typically comes to a crawl towards the end of the year as everyone settles in and decorates for the holidays, but come the start of the new year everything vamps back up! Once those decorations find their way back to their bins it’s as though we have a fresh set of eyes to view our home with. Sometimes this calls for organization or purging in certain areas, sometimes furniture gets rearranged and sometimes a fresh coat of paint is in order.

I have a bit of all of the above happening around here. It’s as though removing the ‘clutter’ helps me to rethink and refocus on how I want every space to look and function. The atmosphere within our home weighs heavily on how I function personally. I don’t thrive amidst clutter and chaos. I encourage my kids (my artsy girls especially) to return things to their places once they finish an activity. That’s a work in progress.

Decor and color schemes also play a major role in how we feel in a space. At the end of last year, both Jack and I had been itching to make some changes to his home office. When we first moved into our home over seven years ago, we painted the walls a white that had a touch of greige. Paired with the bold rug, industrial shelves (that he made) and brightly colored books, it was bright and crisp. It worked well until we both tired of it and decided to take a completely different direction with a much bolder color selection.

Although most of our home is fairly neutral, Ben Moore’s Caldwell Green is a color that I’ve always wanted to use. It’s a beautiful shade with a touch of blue which keeps it from feeling like forest green. I wasn’t sure where I could use it until it struck me how perfectly it would work in the office. Jack puts a lot of trust in me and my color specifications and he didn’t hesitate when I made the suggestion.

It took a solid three coats of paint but we were both thrilled with the end result. It feels moody yet sophisticated which was confirmed when Jack told me he felt like he was walking into a swanky hotel lounge. I swapped out a few other key pieces to really update the space and pull everything together. I found these pillows at Crate and Barrel and this standing lamp at Target. I love how beautifully the brass accents compliment the wall color.

Jack designed all of the wall art himself and he had a vision for the way he wanted his bookshelves styled. The color blocked arrangements of his books add a playful element to the room that’s nothing less than eye catching.

In typical fashion, Jack is always jumping from one project to the next. It’s not rare to hear him breaking out in song on the keyboard when he needs a bit of a reset. With this setup everything is easily at his fingertips.

This desk is one of the most practical pieces in his office. With the turn of a knob it easily converts from a sitting to a standing desk which he utilizes fairly often. Not to mention it has that industrial look that’s very appealing to him.

We couldn’t be happier with how BM Caldwell Green transformed this office and I’m thrilled to have another happy client! Although Jack is the one that gets to enjoy this space daily, being right off of our front entry it’s a room that offers beautiful visual appeal to all who enter our home.

Paint: Ben Moore Caldwell Green
Rug: Ikea
Pillows: Crate & Barrel
Desk: Pottery Barn
Lamp: Target

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