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Sweater Dress

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are gearing up for the week ahead and all the hustle, bustle and traveling that’s involved! We got the bulk of our Christmas decorating out of the way over the weekend so I wouldn’t feel rushed immediately following Thanksgiving. And since we aren’t hosting this year, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have it done. We still have our family tree to go pick out and the exterior to tackle, so that should keep us busy enough! In the meantime I’m retraining my toddler that the Christmas decor is not her new playland, oy!!

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday and just loved it. The dress is very comfortable and adding a sweater vest for warmth was just what I needed. You could pair this with leggings as well, but I opted for some over-the-knee boots. Mixing and matching pieces is what wardrobes thrive on, so have fun with it! A good faux fur vest would also look darling, as would a warm blanket scarf. There’s so much potential!

Details: LOFT sweater vest (similar here and here) / SheIn dress c/o / Boots (similar) / Necklace (similar)

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Holiday Decor

Anyone start decorating yet? It’s ok if you have, I won’t judge. I’ve honestly wanted to start but haven’t had the time yet. Although I did make my front door wreath which you may have caught a glimpse of on my Insta-stories. After making this one and realizing just how simple it is, I decided to make another and get exactly what I wanted. I still recommend trying your hand at it if you have any interest!

When it comes to decorating my home, I’m never very set in my ways. This will be our third Christmas in this house and each year I change things up. When I’m shopping, I enjoy finding pieces that I love, which isn’t to say they are exactly what I need. I find that when I unpack my holiday boxes and they are all filled with pieces that speak to me (so to speak), I’m able to play around and rearrange as I see fit. Once I have everything decorated, then I can fill in the gaps by picking up a few odds and ends to finish things up.

So far this year I’ve picked up a family of white faux fur stockings, similar to these. I’m hoping to find ornament initials to hang with them on our mantle. As I was searching however, there were a number of adorable stockings out there. The beautiful print on these and the chunky knit detail on these could easily be runners up! I’m also a big fan of switching up some of my pillows around the holiday’s and have had a lot of luck on Etsy in previous years, finding some great options such as this one. Last year (or was it two years ago?), I randomly grabbed a tree collar at our HomeGoods and ended up loving the look of it on our tree. This year you can find them at numerous retailers, but I’m keen on something like this simple basketweave collar. I own a few pinecone garlands similar to this one and I use all of them every year. I’ll add them to green garland, place them over my mantle and drape them over my candelabra chandelier. Love them! Then there are always the fun pieces of decor, like a beautiful sign, a cute set of reindeer or a unique Advent calendar. All of which help to pull your home together in a beautiful, harmonious way :)

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces out this year and hopefully they can provide some inspiration for your own home!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess

I know there are some of you that have Christmas shopping well underway, others that have yet to think about it and then the rest that may fall into my boat; lists being drafted and a few gifts stashed away.

I’ll have a handful of gift guides coming out over the next few weeks to serve as inspiration for those that may need it. I felt that I would start off with the Hostess Gift Guide as parties are likely starting to pile up.  I’m guessing your hosts aren’t expecting anything other than your presence, but it can’t hurt to show up with a pretty ornament, a little sweet treat, or some furry slippers to warm their feet once they are able to sit and relax. During the holidays it can also be helpful to stock up on thoughtful little gifts as you never know when you may need to grab one at the last minute!


1.) Apron: Chances are they may already own an apron, but how adorable to add a festive one they’d want to show off to their guests!

2.) Candle: I love these candles from the new Hearth & Hand line at Target. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

3.) Dessert Plate: I absolutely love the idea of this plate! The concept is to pass on a plate of baked goodies for someone to enjoy, refill and then pass on again. I’m tempted to get this started in our neighborhood :)

4.) Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate: If I haven’t shared this in previous years, I’m sorry. This hot chocolate puts all others to shame. There’s no turning back once you start! If not for a gift, I’d highly recommend you stuff this one in your own stocking!

5.) Travel Mug: These are adorable. And would pair well with an on-the-go hot chocolate ;)

6.) Christmas Ornament: Adorable ornaments are always welcomed in our home. Plus, I love the memories that are always attached to them!

7.) Cutting Board: This piece not only serves as a cutting board, but can double as a serving tray. Win, win!

8.) Slipper: Who could resist these? Plus, they’re only $15!

9.) Peppermint Bark: This is more of a holiday staple. I love having it around for those unexpected guests that are bound to stop by.

10.) Wine Bag: Wine is an obvious go-to gift, but why not dress it up with a little wine bag? These come as a set of three so you can keep some extra on hand.

11.) Wine Glass Writers: Genius, right? Not only could they be used to help keep track of who’s glass is who’s, but for those artistically talented, you could decorate glasses depending on the event!

12.) Mug: A little token of appreciation that they can smile at as they enjoy their morning coffee.


I have a few winter pieces that I’m not sure I’ll ever permanently remove from my closet. This shearling vest has been in there for a few years (not to worry, I’ve found more for you below) and each year I’m excited to break it out again. It’s so warm and pairs well with any number of tops. Here I threw it on over this pretty, textured top that I’m obsessed with. Obviously, it’s pink, but the textured detail and the gathered hem totally make it. Add a pair of flat, knee-high boots and you’ll be set!

Details: Vest (similar here and here) / LOFT top / Madewell denim / Boots (similar) / JORD watch c/o

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Cold Weather Layers

So, it’s Friday. And there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving and exactly two weeks until Black Friday. Am I the only one that’s just realizing this?! Oh and if you haven’t heard, the Rockefeller Christmas tree just headed out of (our) town yesterday! Audrey and I drove right past it as they were loading it up and we went on and on about it at dinner, but no one seemed quite as excited as we were :) We’re so happy to see a part of Happy Valley spreading some much needed joy.

It’s also getting cold outside. I believe our high here is right around 30 degrees today. I’m kind of okay with that because all I hear is layers (hello turtleneck sweatshirt)! Bundling myself up is one thing, but then I’m reminded that the kids also need bundled. And kids do not enjoy being bundled (insert eye roll). I want to be that mom that lets them realize all on their own that it’s actually cold out. I’m just not sure they’d ever come to that conclusion!! And so, the struggle begins.

Details: JCrew sweatshirt (similar here) / AG denim (similar) / Coat (similar here and here) / Madewell scarf / Booties (on sale) / Hat (similar here and here)

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Holiday Jump-start with JORD

It’s clear to me that we have entered November as the stores have immediately transformed into Winter Wonderland’s. In one sense I hate to rush everything along, but on the other hand, I do love the holiday season and I prefer to take the time to enjoy it all. The Christmas music (which I am on the verge of switching over to!), the flavored lattes, the eggnog (that’s already in my fridge…what’s wrong with me?!), the holiday outfits (how adorable is this ruffled sweater?), and yes, the gift giving as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

As I set out to do every year, I hope to track down those special gifts for everyone that I know they’ll truly appreciate. There’s nothing I despise more than running out the week before Christmas to buy something in order to fill a void. In an effort to help you start out on the right foot this season, I’ve teamed up with JORD Watches to introduce you to their stunning wooden watch collection.

JORD offers a beautiful collection of both men’s and women’s hand-finished, wooden watches. I had the hardest time narrowing down my selection to just one as they are all so unique. My husband couldn’t stop commenting on it either, so I have a feeling we may be adding more to our household! There’s also an option to have yours engraved which would add that extra special touch to a gift (or to your own, because I’m not the only one that shops for myself during the holiday’s, am I?!).

JORD watches are not only stunning and well made, but they are reasonably priced as well. What’s even better for you guys is that they are offering a 25% coupon code that you can redeem on any of their watches, yay!! Click here for yours, and let me know which one is your favorite!

Details: JORD watch c/o / JCrew sweater / Madewell denim / Booties (similar) / Noonday necklace

Click here to receive your JORD coupon code! Valid through Dec. 19th 2017.


Family Holiday Attire

We had a lot going on this past weekend, part of which included a quick family photo session. My main goal was to get a shot for our Christmas cards, but I also like to update some framed family photos we have around our home. This year, I decided to go festive with our attire. I already had some partial outfits put together, so there were only a few things I needed to track down for the kids. I enjoy working everyone’s outfits together, but a family of five pushes me a bit. I can’t imagine what it’s like for those families that are larger than ours!

I’m guessing there are a number of you in my same boat, working together outfits for your families whether it be for photos, upcoming holiday parties, Christmas church services, or all of the above. I plan on getting as much wear as possible out of these outfits, for the kids especially!

Below are some boards that serve as a mix-and-match for ladies, gents, girls and boys. I did my best to select pieces that would work easily with one another in an attempt to provide a little inspiration in case anyone is struggling. I hope it helps!

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Wrapped Up

I hope you all had a great Halloween! My football player and two little mermaids had a great time and carried their weight home in candy (scroll down for a visual). We also had a first for Madelyn yesterday when I went to help her put on her costume and noticed her first tooth missing! It had been loose for a while, but she had no idea it was gone. Our best guess is that it went down with some candy, but I’m off shortly to make sure that tooth fairy still shows up ;)

I have a few poncho’s/wraps in my closet that I love wearing every fall. I’ll often throw one over my outfit leaving it draped open, but sometimes I’ll throw on a cute belt with it to polish the look a little more. It doesn’t get much better than wrapping yourself up in a big blanket and calling it an outfit, does it??

Happy Halloween from this crazy crew!!

Details: LOFT poncho (on sale!) / Top (similar) / Denim / Boots (similar here and here) / Stella & Dot necklace / Belt (similar)

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Fab Finds Under $50

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Despite a lot of rain and the first Penn State loss of the season (booo!), we had a good weekend. Bowling with the family, a date night and we even made homemade churros for the first time for my son’s Venezuelan school project…they turned out pretty well! They are covered in cinnamon and sugar, so regardless, I’m sure his class will devour them ;)

Today I’ve rounded up a bunch of great pieces that are all under $50! They will all take you from fall to winter adding both warmth and style to your wardrobe. This week does take us into November after all….crazy, isn’t it?! Anyone remember this JCrew sweater from last year? It sold out before I could catch it on sale, but this time around the price is much more reasonable. I had a hard time finding a cute pom pom beanie last year as they had all sold out, or should I say the cute ones had all sold out. I love this one because the fur doesn’t look overly faux as some do. I love turtleneck sweaters, and this one is priced perfectly. Cute, comfy sweatshirts, pretty, sleek rain boots, and faux fur shrugs (can you believe this one is under $40??) are a few more of my favorite things at the moment.

Have you found any good steals lately?

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On The Go

Some weeks I can tell the day by how casual my outfit has gotten, haha. Or maybe it’s in how busy my schedule is? Regardless, there are days when I know my productivity level will remain stronger if I am wearing more of an on-the-go outfit. And speaking of, on-the-go, thank you all for your kind words and feedback on Wednesday’s home design post!  We’re all so thrilled with how it turned out. My schedule lately has been packed full of kids activities, school events/planning, design meetings and blog work…all great things that I’m so thankful for! Now I just need a great date night to balance everything out :)

These sneakers arrived this week and if you follow on Instagram, you may know that I’ve had my eye on them for a few months. I was debating between colors, but am so happy that I went with grey. Thanks to all of you that put forth that vote ;) They are the perfect on-the-go sneaker (I’ll stop saying on-the-go now, I promise), leave me feeling like I’m walking on air, and are cute enough to pair with some of my everyday outfits. This fleece turtleneck was also a recent purchase when Anthro had a 25% off sale, but I’d venture to say this guy is worth full price. But you can always throw one in your cart and hope for the best as I typically do!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Any good costume parties happening??

Details: Anthropologie top / Jacket (similar here and here) / Madewell denim / NB sneakers

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