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Spring Sneaks

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Turkey Meatball Stroganoff

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any recipes on here. Part of this is because it’s been pitch black outside come dinner time making it nearly impossible to shoot anything I’ve cooked up. Another part of the reason was because I wasn’t feeling very authentic sharing recipes because they obviously aren’t mine. But the […]


I hope your week is off to a great start! How’s everyone handling the time change? I feel for those of you with little ones! We’ve started off ok, but I know it’ll be hitting us by mid-week. Our kids are back to school again after spring break last week and I’m looking forward to […]

Striped Henley

Hello Friday! My kids are home on spring break this week and although we’ve had some fun, it’s also been a week. After wrapping up pinkeye last week, we’ve been working through an ear infection as well as some nasty coughs and colds. Jack and Audrey are my two that always end up with incessant […]

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Easter Inspiration

Good news! Spring is on the horizon and Easter is just behind it! Meanwhile, it continues to snow outside my window. Regardless, I’ve been breaking out some bring decor to brighten the place up. I like adding pieces that will last throughout springtime, not only through Easter. Towels are the easiest thing to change up, […]

Eyelet Peplum

With my Love Language being gifts (we discuss that further here), my husband will every so often take it upon himself to hunt down something I’ve had my eye on. My style board on Pinterest is a pretty good place to start! Knowing that I’d given up apparel shopping for the season of Lent, he […]

Dressing Room Diaries: LOFT

Despite my giving up apparel shopping for the rest of March, I decided to venture in to LOFT to check out their latest arrivals. It had been a few weeks since I had been in the store and honestly it was nice to see some of the girls and say ‘hello‘. Needless to say, there […]

Blush Crush

I’m thinking that by this point I likely have more of a deep relationship with blush than a mere crush. Not only is my closet full of the soft, beautiful hue, but my home is full of many blush accents as well. If decking out head to toe in it isn’t your thing you can […]

Everyday Chic

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had some gloomy weather this past week. Some of you know how fun it is getting kids in and out of the car multiple times in the pouring rain, right?! The worst. I spent most of my time in my raincoat and rain boots, but by Sunday I […]

Easy Basics

Basics really are the best, aren’t they? As much as I love embellishment and fun, frilly details, I also love easy, basic pieces. It’s outfits like these that don’t require much thought at all. With the tiny glimpse of spring that we had this week (which then quickly fleeted), I was all too excited to […]