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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Nothing crazy out of the ordinary around here this past week. Just keeping up with the norm can be exhausting enough as it is. Oh and then, not exactly a ‘high’ (more like a low) occurred after walking into my 2yo’s room after her nap to a white crib covered in #2. And by covered, I mean painted on. It was awful. I guess it’s time to squeeze potty training in to our schedule whether I was ready or not! Here’s to hoping your week was a little better than mine ;)

A look at my week:

1) Practicing his school picture smile while still half asleep.  Can’t wait to see how it turned out ;)


2) Oh my sweet, little sassy pants.


3) Unfortunate events. I wasn’t joking. I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids….


4) Stromboli date with my second main squeeze. I ended up with the bill.


5) Madelyn had a rough week too. Thankfully Hello Kitty makes everything better.


 Have a great weekend! See ya Monday!

Linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!


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