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Trick or Treat

This past weekend I finally broke out my fall decor. SinceĀ pumpkins had officially entered our home I figured it was time to tackle some costumes for Halloween. The part that drives me crazy, and I’m hopefully not alone here, is when my children start deciding what they want to be all on their own without any input from me. Who do they think they are?? I’m sure many of you will be having Frozen princesses and superhero’s whether that’s your preference or not. Not that I’m against Frozen, it’s still on our daily ‘dance party playlist’ and we all love it, but I have a feeling there will be more than one Elsa and Anna out collecting candy in a few weeks! As for my little one’s, I’ll have a Transformer and a little piggy (as seen below) on my hands. One was my pick and one was not ;) As I was searching I came across a number of adorable costumes out there including some of the classics. In case you (or your children) have yet to make up your mind, I’ve gathered a few for you here…


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