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Time for a Sale

Well guys, technically I had an outfit post planned for today but then it decided to rain all day yesterday when the shoot was to take place. While it rained and my daughter napped (and my son was in school) I had a chance to browse the Shopbop sale. In case you missed it, today is the last day for their Friends and Family event where you get 25% off of your purchase using code FAMILY25! I’m a big fan of this sale especially because you can snag a great price on some items that typically aren’t on sale. Case in point, the Madewell tote below. I have owned this bag for over a year now and to my knowledge it has yet to go on sale.

Narrowing down this list isn’t going to be nearly as much fun as it was creating! But I think my husband would potentially drop over if I placed this entire order. Family’s gotta eat!



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  • Michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I just went ahead and ordered the black transport! I’m so excited to get it. I waited for so long for it to go on sale I almost have up! I own those frye’s and unfortunately I paid full price for them. However, I highly recommend them. So stylish, comfortable and made of rich rich high quality leather. I say go for it

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