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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Had I not known any better, I would swear this week fell in mid-September. I think we may have had a full two weeks that felt like summer, then non-stop rain and now beautiful but slightly crisp weather. I guess we’ll just roll with it!

Here’s a glimpse of my week in photos:

H54F816 (more…)

Dress me?

I love a reason to get all dolled up and weddings are the perfect excuse. We have a wedding coming up in October, so I started browsing Rent the Runway (RTR). I first shared my thoughts and experience with RTR back on this post. The gist of it is that I love using them. They save you the money of purchasing a designer dress yet you end up feeling like a million bucks. Their process is simple, seamless and I’m ready to do it again.

I do have some time, but I receive discount codes via email every once in a while, and I’d like to have it figured out so I can jump on my order as soon as something hits my inbox. While browsing, I narrowed it down to two dresses. This is where you come in. I love both of these dresses, and I think I am leaning a bit more towards one than the other, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. So what dress do you think I should choose, A or B?

RTR (more…)

Stylish tots

It may be a sickness of mine, but I love that my kids practically need an entirely new wardrobe with each coming season. It may be wrong on many levels, but I’m ever so slightly envious. I’m sure my husband, however, is not ;)

Babies are adorable, soft, squishy and cuddly, but I find that I enjoy dressing my children more as they get older and clothes start to lay on them properly. As adults, it may be more practical to wait until end of season sales (if you can help yourself), but with kids, you snooze you loose. Fortunately there are often pre-season sales that I love to take advantage of.

We’ve been blessed with both a son and a daughter which gives me an even broader range of outfits that I get to put together. After the early baby months, I began dressing our children like mini me’s (ie my husband and myself). Not that there aren’t adorable children’s clothes, but I tend to gravitate towards dressing them like mini adults. What? Your husband wouldn’t wear a rocket-ship on his shirt?

Here are a few fall outfits that I am eyeing up for our little ones:



1. Ralph Lauren headband, Zara blouse, Boden jumper, Joyfolie boots

2. Gap pullover, Boden shirt, Gap jeans, Converse sneakers 

3. Boden shirt, Zara pants, Toms shoes

4. Zara top, Zara pants, Ralph Lauren shoes

Fit for a Princess


Alright, I suppose she’s a Duchess, but whatever the title, Kate Middleton is one of my fashion icons. She is beautiful and classy and she knows how to style clothes.  I came across this top a while back that Kate just happened to wear for her Royal portrait:

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.05.05 PM

I may not have her fashion budget, but I can pull off a piece or two every once and a while and she’s one Duchess I am happy to replicate.


Party Time!

If you recall, a few weeks ago I was invited to attend a clothing party at JEG Boutique in my hometown of Hollidaysburg, PA. Everyone had a wonderful time, so when my friend Becky at Mommy in Heels asked if I wanted to co-host a party with her I obviously said yes!

For those that live in the area, we hope you’ll join us! We’ll have drinks and snacks to go around in case you need enticed more ;) Here are the details:

JEG party1


Now, for those that do not live in the area, Tiffany, the owner, has graciously opened the party to our readers who will also receive 10% off of their order, yay! The discount will be active this Wednesday and Thursday, August 14th and 15th using code RWMZ81613.


High Five for Friday

Happy Friday my friends! This week managed to feel like the longest and shortest week at the same time. My husband and I started off the week with a night out of town and away from the kids for the JT/Jay Z concert in Hershey, PA. When we returned, my husband headed out of town for the rest of the week for work. I can’t complain because he’s rarely away and I have many friends whose husbands travel frequently, but life is just not the same without him here. Luckily he’s home in time for the weekend :)

Here’s a look back at my week:


It was amazzzzing. We were surrounded by terrible singers, view blockers, kids chaperoned by their parents, and a group of 20 or so teenagers all dressed identically, and none of it bothered me. We felt old for a minute but then realized that our 30’s have been great so far, and plus JT is our age anyway, it’s not Beib’s for goodness sake! (more…)

Mixing Prints


I love the idea of mixing prints and patterns. When I see it on others I always envy how effortless they make it look. “Oh, hey I just threw this on and I look perfectly pulled together”, ya know? JCrew is the king (queen?) of this, always pulling it off seamlessly. I think Jenna Lyons, their creative director, has played a big part in encouraging the printed pairings. Here she is wearing a striped top and floral pants. Effortless. Well I decided to give it a shot. At first I was going to pair this top with my solid bright green shorts, but then I saw my pink graphic shorts and the lightbulb went off (not literally). Although both pieces are Gap and not JCrew, I think I managed to pull off a bold yet slightly reckless look. And for those of you who know me, reckless is slightly out of my element :)


Baby time!

Not me, silly! I’m good for now ;) But it sure is baby season around here. How about for you guys? I received two baby shower invites in one day, enough said. Since I imagine there are a few of you out there that are expecting or have a friend or family member who is, I gathered 10 baby essentials for you.

Let me preface, moms will obviously need the basics (diapers, wipes, lotion, baby wash, burp clothes, bottles, strollers, onesies, Dreft, thermometers etc) to begin. Many of these will probably not fall on their list of registered items, but believe me, new moms don’t know everything they’ll need. They’ll thank you later. Heck, many of these items I didn’t know I needed until I had them myself! It takes an army of items just to stay sane on any given day.

Without further delay, my 10 baby essentials (in no particular order):


  1. Stroller hooks. Although more of a necessity for those living in urban areas (you know, when you use your stroller more than your car…sigh…miss those days), these things are key for holding your diaper bag, shopping bags or any other items you don’t have an extra hand for.
  2. Snack traps. I swear, children are bottomless pits. As soon as they know how to move their hand to their mouth these things become very handy.
  3. Good Nite Lite. This will be helpful once little toddlers make the move into a bed. You set the time you want the sun to come up, signaling it’s morning and time to get up, the goal being to keep children in bed the entire night. I was shocked to say the least, but our son would come running into our room as soon as his sun came up. A piece of sanity (and sleep) saved.
  4. Miracle Blanket. I was the swaddling queen for the first 4 months of my kid’s lives. They quickly learn how to wiggle out of most swaddles, hence waking themselves up. This blanket holds the swaddle while they slumber in their little cocoon.
  5. Sophie. She doesn’t need much introduction, but she’s a teething savior.
  6. Sleep sak. Once my kids were finished being swaddled, I switched them over to sleep saks as opposed to having loose blankets in the crib.
  7. Ergo baby carrier. I can’t say I loved this carrier for newborns (they offer an insert), but from approximately 6 months on, this carrier is a dream. It’s comfortable, well designed and never hurt my back.
  8. White noise. White noise is definitely an essential to the sleeping habits of my children. I believe it played a key role in why I now have two great sleepers on my hands.
  9. Aden and Anais blankets. Although technically for swaddling, I used these for everything from nursing covers, to burp cloths and as extended sun shade for strollers. Oh, and Prince George was wrapped in one as he left the hospital ;)
  10. Pacifier clip.  My son never took a pacifier, but my daughter (who’s the exact opposite in every way) did. This amazing eight inch piece of material is just genius. It keeps the pacifier from falling on the ground or getting lost  in the mix of things countless times per day. (more…)


Today I’m linking up with my friend Becky over at Mommy in Heels for this month’s What She Wears feature. This month the girls decided on the basic white T. Endless possibilities, right? I decided to pair mine with a black maxi and my denim jacket that’s been getting its wear this summer. I love maxis but totally agree with some of you out there that they can be way too hot for 80+ degree days. They are, however, perfect for those days that hover in the 70’s. Oh and the comfort level of a cotton maxi and a cotton T? You can’t beat it. (more…)

Pie Pops


These days cake pops are becoming just about as popular as cupcakes and I’m a huge fan. I have heard, however, that they’re no easy task to make. I then came across pie pops and thought they were a genius idea. I’m not always up for an entire piece of pie or the guilt that comes along, but these little delights satisfy my cravings in two bites. I took these to my family reunion over the weekend and from what I saw they were a hit!

I won’t lie, I definitely took the easy route on this batch using pre-made pie dough and canned pie filling. I’d typically use this dough recipe, but I just didn’t have the extra time available. There are plenty of pie pop resources online, many that link back to this one, but the steps are rather simple: (more…)

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