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Fit for a Princess


Alright, I suppose she’s a Duchess, but whatever the title, Kate Middleton is one of my fashion icons. She is beautiful and classy and she knows how to style clothes.  I came across this top a while back that Kate just happened to wear for her Royal portrait:

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.05.05 PM

I may not have her fashion budget, but I can pull off a piece or two every once and a while and she’s one Duchess I am happy to replicate.


I’m going to assume, however, that Kate wasn’t wearing boyfriend jeans with her Royal ensemble. This top is so versatile that I have been able to wear it a number of different ways. On this particular day it felt perfect to pair with comfortable boyfriend jeans. Speaking of boyfriend jeans, this is another term that’s recently been introduced to my husband (along with statement piece and peplum which are other favorite terms he enjoys mocking me with). He’d love to know who and where my boyfriend is and why he’d be wearing jeans like these. I didn’t get into any explanation ;)


In addition to Kate Middleton, my other classic fashion icons include Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn. It’s amazing how their style continues to carry on decades later. As for other current fashion icons of mine, I love Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica. They all have such great taste!




French Connection top, Gap jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, bangles from Riley on Main, Arturo Chang peep toes

How about you, who inspires your style?

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  • Rebecca Lorraine says:

    Love today’s post! Do I know those shoes?? One question, are the bf jeans big in the butt area? Relaxed is one thing, but link pictures had a model with a bf backside that looked sloppy and quite frankly, sagging. They seem to look great on you, but in your modesty you do not give us a rear view ;)

    • marisa says:

      You sure do know those shoes! Such a great buy!! Yes, boyfriend jeans can run large in the behind which is why it took me so long to purchase them. I bought a size down which drastically reduced the sagging. Even if it did take away from the “boyfriend” look, I felt much better with them being slightly more snug. I’ll send you a pic the next time I wear them ;)

  • Carrie says:

    Love this! I am in love with the navy and hot green colors of fall!! You are just as classy as the duchess.

  • Jen H says:

    LOVE this top–I’m into simple with interesting details like the neck tie. Will be looking to pick one up for myself! Keep up the fashion reporting–it’s making my shopping experiences easier :)

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