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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Had I not known any better, I would swear this week fell in mid-September. I think we may have had a full two weeks that felt like summer, then non-stop rain and now beautiful but slightly crisp weather. I guess we’ll just roll with it!

Here’s a glimpse of my week in photos:


  1. I love receiving cards out of the blue, for no reason at all. Email/twitter/facebook are all wonderful, but there’s just something special about a good old note from a great friend!
  2. I received my first order from the Honest Company this week. After reading a bit about the company, which was founded by Jessica Alba, I decided to give it a shot.┬áMy daughter has had some mild skin issues since she was born and I can’t help but wonder if the products I am using may be part of the problem. So far I can say the diapers are fantastic (which I had heard) and adorable because you get to pick the pattern they come in. Trust me, when you change those things _ times per day, you could use a little beauty in that department! If nothing else, my kids have gotten much entertainment from their box alone ;)
  3. My daughter had her first encounter with horses this week. Fearless as I presumed.
  4. Food prepping for the JEG party that I am co-hosting with Becky at Mommy in Heels tonight. Can’t wait to see some of you there! I’ll be posting about the chocolate covered macaroons later on, for those that don’t get to try them first hand!
  5. Yes, this is a butt shot. I received some questions from a few of you regarding my boyfriend jeans that I wore in this post. The link to the model shows a very saggy behind. I’m not into that whole look which is why I decided to size down in mine. This is the result. Not tight, but at least a slightly defined behind. Maybe this will help encourage those that want to try out the trend!

That’s that! Enjoy your weekend and we’ll chat Monday!

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