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Pie Pops


These days cake pops are becoming just about as popular as cupcakes and I’m a huge fan. I have heard, however, that they’re no easy task to make. I then came across pie pops and thought they were a genius idea. I’m not always up for an entire piece of pie or the guilt that comes along, but these little delights satisfy my cravings in two bites. I took these to my family reunion over the weekend and from what I saw they were a hit!

I won’t lie, I definitely took the easy route on this batch using pre-made pie dough and canned pie filling. I’d typically use this dough recipe, but I just didn’t have the extra time available. There are plenty of pie pop resources online, many that link back to this one, but the steps are rather simple:

Cut out your dough:


Add some filling and the lollipop stick:


Seal the dough using a piece of a lollipop stick:


Brush the tops with egg whites:


Bake at 375 degrees for 12-15 minutes:


If I had any left I’d keep them in my fridge for a sweet little snack!


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