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It may be a sickness of mine, but I love that my kids practically need an entirely new wardrobe with each coming season. It may be wrong on many levels, but I’m ever so slightly envious. I’m sure my husband, however, is not ;)

Babies are adorable, soft, squishy and cuddly, but I find that I enjoy dressing my children more as they get older and clothes start to lay on them properly. As adults, it may be more practical to wait until end of season sales (if you can help yourself), but with kids, you snooze you loose. Fortunately there are often pre-season sales that I love to take advantage of.

We’ve been blessed with both a son and a daughter which gives me an even broader range of outfits that I get to put together. After the early baby months, I began dressing our children like mini me’s (ie my husband and myself). Not that there aren’t adorable children’s clothes, but I tend to gravitate towards dressing them like mini adults. What? Your husband wouldn’t wear a rocket-ship on his shirt?

Here are a few fall outfits that I am eyeing up for our little ones:



1. Ralph Lauren headband, Zara blouse, Boden jumper, Joyfolie boots

2. Gap pullover, Boden shirt, Gap jeans, Converse sneakers 

3. Boden shirt, Zara pants, Toms shoes

4. Zara top, Zara pants, Ralph Lauren shoes


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