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Beauty Go-To’s

When it comes to all things beauty and make-up I’m not one that’s constantly trying new products. When I find something that works I tend to stick to it for some time. But with that said, my routine does fluctuate every so often. Sometimes it’s because I run out of a product and decide to try something new or I’ll inevitably see someone share something on Instagram that I simply must try. For the most part, this beauty routine that I shared previously still holds true. One product is carrying over into today’s post because I get asked about it (and the colors I wear) very frequently. But otherwise, here are a few other products I use and love…

Healthish Water Bottle: Everyone knows that hydrated skin is key, but not everyone consumes the amount of water that they should be every day. This bottle is brilliantly designed to help you track your ounces and keep you hydrated all day long! I’m basically obsessed with mine and now even have my kids checking in on me to see if I’m keeping up! Side note: I’m giving away two of these (one for you and one for a friend) over on my Instagram page, so be sure to enter!

Triple Sec: I have a short list of texturizing sprays that I like, but this has been my go-to lately. I don’t seem to tire of the scent and it gives the texture and grit that I need to dirty up my freshly washed hair….b/c who wants clean hair? ;)

Eye Liner: There are times when I love a liquid liner and other times that I prefer the ease of a pencil. This one applies easily and remains smudge-free throughout the day. I get annoyed by pencil liners that need sharpened constantly, so I’m a huge fan of this mechanical pencil that always has an edge.

Long-lasting Lip: Yes, I’ve shared this lipstick before, but just about every time I have one of the colors on on Instagram, I get asked about it. I have three shades that are my favorite, Baci, Portofino and Patina. I’m terrible with reapplication, so I appreciate the length of time that this color stays on!

Chapstick: Not only do I get asked about my lip color when I’m wearing the lipstick I just mentioned, but I also frequently get asked about my lipstick when I’m wearing this chapstick! It’s been my favorite for years, especially during the winter months, mainly for the moisture (and flavor) but additionally for the simple shine/natural glow that it adds allowing me to forgo any legit lip color.

Essie Gel: I may have shared this nail polish on here before, but I honestly can’t remember. Regardless, it’s worth sharing again! First off, the gel lasts much longer than any other polishes I’ve used and the pigments are very saturated (ie no streaks). But what I’m the biggest fan of is their brush. It’s brilliantly shaped like a ‘U’ which makes the application sooo much easier to tackle yourself! 1-2 swipes and you’re done. Try it, I promise you’ll love it and wonder why they all aren’t shaped this way!

Lighter Layers

Hi guys! As I’m working on putting this post together, I almost have myself fooled into thinking that the weather is warming up. It’s most definitely not, haha. But I’m tiring of wearing my heavy layers for every blog post, so I braved the cold and styled a fresh everyday look for the warmer days ahead…and then I put my wool coat back on!

I’ve had this jacket since last year, but it’s still available for a great price. I’m picky about my denim and this one surprisingly impressed me. I say surprisingly because I tend to have to spend a little more to get the quality in a jacket that I’m looking for. But this one has an amazing fit, perfect amount of distressing and the quality surpassed my expectations. Definitely one to look into! This top is a newer purchase that I did find on sale for you. I love how I can wear it around with my joggers but just as easily take it up a notch as I did here. And let me also mention this new pair of Nickel & Suede earrings that came last week. My cork pair have been go-to’s of mine, so when they added this cheetah print, I couldn’t wait to get them. I wear their size medium and can’t recommend them enough!

Details: Top (more colors here) / Jacket / Denim / Booties / Earrings

Everyday Striped Pullover

Happy Friday, guys! I swear, these weeks are starting to feel like mini-roller-coasters to me. With scattered school cancellations and delays the past few weeks, you never seem to know what each day will bring. I haven’t been throwing much together in terms of outfits, and when I do it looks a little something like this. I’ve had a pair of black Spanx faux leather leggings for a while now and figured the bronze would be a great addition. I was right. I’ve been wearing them just as much as the black lately. I couldn’t wait to throw on this new pullover from Everyday & Co. I love the longer length and the fact that it’s lightweight making it perfect for spring. My friend Kendi runs Everyday & Co. and they introduce new pieces every Tuesday, so keep good watch. There’s always such a beautifully curated collection! And lastly, these sneaks are lighter than air and perfect for running around town!

Details: Top / Leggings / Sunglasses / Coat (similar) / Sneakers

Mirror Mirror…

When it comes to decorating, I have always had a weak spot for a good mirror. I love how they can fill a space artfully, be used to bounce light throughout a room or be placed strategically so you can check your hair on your way out the door! A good mirror can totally make a powder room and give a wow factor to your master bath. I’m not saying that they have to be over the top or elaborate, sometimes simplicity is best. I’m just saying, they need to have a bit of style. And that’s why I’ve tracked down some of my favorites to share with you today. Maybe this will help you to fill in that empty space or update a room with one simple swap. I hope you find something you love!

Denim Bow Top

Happy Monday, guys! Maybe some of you are enjoying an extended weekend as I am with my kids home from school today. Actually, as a stay at home mom, I do believe that’s called over-time for me, haha!

We had a great weekend and I actually ended up wearing this outfit two days in a row. I wore it to a shower Saturday morning and then pulled it out again for church yesterday! The top came from the outlets that I was able to visit last weekend (if you live near some, you can track this down at the Ralph Lauren store), but don’t worry, Loft actually has a very similar top right now that everyone can find here. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for bows and the way they can make an outfit. Also, these jeans are still on sale and pretty well stocked. Not only are they playful, but the fit is great with the perfect amount of stretch to keep them comfortable without loosing shape. Don’t miss out before they sell out!

Details: Shirt (Ralph Lauren Outlet Store, similar here) / Denim / Shoes (similar) / Sunglasses (Kate Spade Outlet store, similar here and here) / Coat (similar here and here)

Insta Round-Up

Hi, guys! I hope you enjoyed a great Valentine’s Day yesterday! Whether you spent time with friends, family or a significant other, dining out or eating in, I hope you had time to celebrate those you love most. Jack and I cooked a delicious meal at home after we fed the kids. We typically aren’t ones to fight the crowds, and honestly after all of the Valentine prep and parties for the kids, I was more than happy to have my pj’s on by 6pm!

It’s been a bit since I’ve shared a re-cap of some of my everyday Instagram outfits, so that’s what I’ve put together for you today. Warm and comfy is still the recurring theme ;)

tunic sweatshirt / scarf / leggings

sweater / denim / scarf / booties

cardigan / tee / denim

sweater / denim / bootie / earrings

sweater jacket (similar) / overalls (similar) / shirt / booties

tee / sweater (similar) / denim / sneakers


Well friends, we had another snow day yesterday (as well as today!). So you know how my day went….lots of running around the house and laughing and toys scattered everywhere and baking cookies and then some tears and me yelling over spilt milk by the end of the evening. Oh my. And then I was rocking Audrey before bed (because she’s my 3.5 year old baby and I will rock her as long as she lets me) and she looks at me with her big blue eyes and says “I love you, Mommy. I won’t spill my milk anymore”. Ugh, gut punch. Losing my temper is never my proudest moment (and honestly it’s something I’ve been proactively working on for the past year), but boy am I thankful with how quickly kids are to accept apologies. I learn so much from them <3

So obviously, content was not created for today, but the good news is Anthropologie currently has 40% off of a sweaters, outerwear and boots. The sale started yesterday and runs through today, so I’ve gathered all of my picks to share with you today.

Baby Blue

Hi, all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I was traveling most of the day yesterday so that I was able to see some of my favorite girlfriends from college as one of them is about to welcome their first baby into the world. I spent over five hours listening to Rachel Hollis’ podcast and feel like I just came off of a motivational weekend, haha! She’s such a powerhouse of a woman but at the same time, she continues to remind us that all she did was keep going and never accepted a ‘no’ that came her way because her (our) dreams are more important than that. I know I’ve talked about her book Girl Wash Your Face before, but if you have yet to read it, I highly recommend.

I also had time to make an outlet pit-stop, which is never a bad thing! It’s always fun finding a few great finds at crazy marked down prices. I now have some Easter clothing and upcoming birthday presents already tucked away! All in all, it was a much appreciated day to myself.

I wore this outfit yesterday which felt like a good ‘middle of the road’ outfit to both travel, shop and attend a baby shower (she’s having a boy, by the way). I’ve had this sweater for a while now, but there are a bunch of similar options that I’ll share below. I love off-the shoulder sweaters because they are just as warm and cozy as a typical sweater, but lend toward the dressy side allowing you wear them for more festive occasions. And in case you were wondering, it was actually no problem to shift the sweater to wear more like a cowl-neck so that I could layer my coat over top.

Details: Sweater (see similar below) / Pants (similar here and here) / Shoes (similar here and here) / Earrings

Lighter-weight Outerwear

Hello Friday! Well, we made it through the week without any school delays or cancelations, so that’s a plus. It also allowed me to have a fairly productive week and that’s never a bad thing! I was actually working at a coffee shop Tuesday morning when my girlfriend texted me with a request for some light-weight winter/ heavy spring coats. I knew exactly what she meant, being that we were in the midst of some warmer winter days. Here in Pennsylvania, we call that 40 degrees :)

That request sounded like perfect blog content to me, so I went about tracking them down for the rest of the week. With scattered weather across the country, I’m guessing many of you could benefit from this post as well. A coat that will keep you warm when you’re over your puffers and wool coats. Something that is still cozy and could allow you to layer under until spring rolls around. Something new to change up the same coats you’ve been reaching for day in and day out. I wasn’t even on the hunt for one personally, until I started pulling this post together. And now I want them all, lol.


Hey guys! I’ve got another Loft try-on for you today! It’s funny, there are times I stop in store just to see what’s new and browse around a bit, never knowing if I’ll have enough content to pull a whole post together with or not. But wouldn’t you know, I find more than enough every single time, lol!

Like most retailers, they are in the midst of pulling out the start of Spring pieces that still work for the Winter season we continue to be in the midst of. Transitional pieces are always the pieces you end up getting the most wear out of though, aren’t they? Lightweight sweaters and button-ups that can be worn alone or layered, dresses that can pair with OTK boots just as well as with booties or a cute pair of wedges. There’s a bit of everything, per usual, so here’s what I find this time around…

Love this cute speckled sweater. The colors are absolutely perfect for Spring. I’d size up on this one though, I’m typically a small in their sweaters but I’m wearing a medium here. Here’s a closer look…

Pretty, isn’t it? Think about pairing this with some colorful trousers.

I’m always up for a good bow. This blouse is so sweet and feminine. It’s light-weight and work really well under a blazer. It’s chambray in color (is that a color?) so you could pair it with any number of skirts or bottoms.

I wish I could capture the beautiful shade of grey/green that this cardigan is in person. It’s really so lovely! You can layer it over joggers and a tee or a button up and jeans. A great cozy layer! I have this layering tee underneath that’s wonderful too, I brought it home with me in the grey.

Another great layering tee. This dolman tee in the prettiest blue/green was a really good staple to find.

You can see the length and shape of it better here.

This is such a fun and unique blouse! It will require the right styling, but it could be worn so many different ways. I would consider a thin belt to help add shape or layering under a cardigan or long vest (as you can see below). I attempting tying it in the front, but there was a lot of material and I couldn’t get it to lay quite right. I could have sized down however and that may have helped had they had a size smaller in stock.

You can see it layered here (not that I love this color combo per se), and obviously it would pair really well with leggings, bonus if they are faux leather!

Here’s the back. So fun!

I’m always drawn to this pretty shade of green, and Loft is all over it right now! Here’s a great top, especially for a work environment.

The detailing is beautiful.

The skirt is very comfy and I love the herringbone pattern that really stands out in person. As with most of their skirts though, I found this to run large. I’m in a size 0 and it was still a bit too large (I’m more of a true size 2 for reference).

The ladies at my local Loft couldn’t believe I wasn’t buying this dress. Honestly, I adore it too, but I didn’t have a good enough excuse to get enough wear out of it. But that’s why I love what I do, I get to play dress up and share all these fun pieces that some of you actually do need :)

So for those that are in need of a new Springy dress (that could still be worn now), make sure you check out this one! It’s darling.

This light-weight button up shirt was much more up my everyday alley and came home with me for sure. I love how they had it tied here, but it also works well tucked in….

Or layered under a jacket or cardi…

It comes in this other print as well and I’d highly recommend either one.