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Well friends, we had another snow day yesterday (as well as today!). So you know how my day went….lots of running around the house and laughing and toys scattered everywhere and baking cookies and then some tears and me yelling over spilt milk by the end of the evening. Oh my. And then I was rocking Audrey before bed (because she’s my 3.5 year old baby and I will rock her as long as she lets me) and she looks at me with her big blue eyes and says “I love you, Mommy. I won’t spill my milk anymore”. Ugh, gut punch. Losing my temper is never my proudest moment (and honestly it’s something I’ve been proactively working on for the past year), but boy am I thankful with how quickly kids are to accept apologies. I learn so much from them <3

So obviously, content was not created for today, but the good news is Anthropologie currently has 40% off of a sweaters, outerwear and boots. The sale started yesterday and runs through today, so I’ve gathered all of my picks to share with you today.

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