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Lighter-weight Outerwear

Hello Friday! Well, we made it through the week without any school delays or cancelations, so that’s a plus. It also allowed me to have a fairly productive week and that’s never a bad thing! I was actually working at a coffee shop Tuesday morning when my girlfriend texted me with a request for some light-weight winter/ heavy spring coats. I knew exactly what she meant, being that we were in the midst of some warmer winter days. Here in Pennsylvania, we call that 40 degrees :)

That request sounded like perfect blog content to me, so I went about tracking them down for the rest of the week. With scattered weather across the country, I’m guessing many of you could benefit from this post as well. A coat that will keep you warm when you’re over your puffers and wool coats. Something that is still cozy and could allow you to layer under until spring rolls around. Something new to change up the same coats you’ve been reaching for day in and day out. I wasn’t even on the hunt for one personally, until I started pulling this post together. And now I want them all, lol.


  • Laura Bird says:

    Marisa! This might be my favorite post of yours. So well-done. And thank you for the fact that I’m now drooling over my laptop. I. want. every. one. of. them.

    PS It’s nice to be thinking about warmer temps after this unnerving winter we’ve had.

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