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Beauty Go-To’s

When it comes to all things beauty and make-up I’m not one that’s constantly trying new products. When I find something that works I tend to stick to it for some time. But with that said, my routine does fluctuate every so often. Sometimes it’s because I run out of a product and decide to try something new or I’ll inevitably see someone share something on Instagram that I simply must try. For the most part, this beauty routine that I shared previously still holds true. One product is carrying over into today’s post because I get asked about it (and the colors I wear) very frequently. But otherwise, here are a few other products I use and love…

Healthish Water Bottle: Everyone knows that hydrated skin is key, but not everyone consumes the amount of water that they should be every day. This bottle is brilliantly designed to help you track your ounces and keep you hydrated all day long! I’m basically obsessed with mine and now even have my kids checking in on me to see if I’m keeping up! Side note: I’m giving away two of these (one for you and one for a friend) over on my Instagram page, so be sure to enter!

Triple Sec: I have a short list of texturizing sprays that I like, but this has been my go-to lately. I don’t seem to tire of the scent and it gives the texture and grit that I need to dirty up my freshly washed hair….b/c who wants clean hair? ;)

Eye Liner: There are times when I love a liquid liner and other times that I prefer the ease of a pencil. This one applies easily and remains smudge-free throughout the day. I get annoyed by pencil liners that need sharpened constantly, so I’m a huge fan of this mechanical pencil that always has an edge.

Long-lasting Lip: Yes, I’ve shared this lipstick before, but just about every time I have one of the colors on on Instagram, I get asked about it. I have three shades that are my favorite, Baci, Portofino and Patina. I’m terrible with reapplication, so I appreciate the length of time that this color stays on!

Chapstick: Not only do I get asked about my lip color when I’m wearing the lipstick I just mentioned, but I also frequently get asked about my lipstick when I’m wearing this chapstick! It’s been my favorite for years, especially during the winter months, mainly for the moisture (and flavor) but additionally for the simple shine/natural glow that it adds allowing me to forgo any legit lip color.

Essie Gel: I may have shared this nail polish on here before, but I honestly can’t remember. Regardless, it’s worth sharing again! First off, the gel lasts much longer than any other polishes I’ve used and the pigments are very saturated (ie no streaks). But what I’m the biggest fan of is their brush. It’s brilliantly shaped like a ‘U’ which makes the application sooo much easier to tackle yourself! 1-2 swipes and you’re done. Try it, I promise you’ll love it and wonder why they all aren’t shaped this way!

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