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You’re My Inspiration!

Well it’s been approximately 6 months since I ventured into the blogging world and ¬†although at times I still feel like an infant in this atmosphere, I also feel miles ahead of when I first began. I feel more confident in my skin and find it easier to share my thoughts and opinions with you all. ¬†My thanks for all of this goes out to you, my readers. Those of you that take a few minutes out of your day and allow me to be a part of it. What excites me the most are days when you share ways that you have been inspired by something I have posted. Be it an outfit, a recipe or the courage to try something out of your element, you continue to inspire me to keep going (not that I want to stop!).

With that being said, I reached out to a few loyal readers asking permission that I may share ways that they have been inspired by A Lovely Living. I just love seeing everyone’s twist from various posts, it’s so very flattering! Going forward, please feel free to send along any shots of ways you’ve found inspiration from this site. I’d love to feature you on here too!


  1. This is my beautiful friend, Cora. She has fantastic style on her own, but her take on this post is absolutely adorable. She also incorporated this technique of cuffing her sleeves which adds to the cute/casual look.Inspiration3
  2. My friend Sarah shared with me her love for these energy bites. She grabs a few before heading to the gym and finds they give her that needed boost of energy!Inspiration4
  3. This is my lovely cousin, Nikki. After I posted this post, Nikki jumped on the sweater and asked the best way to style it. I think she did it perfectly!Inspiration5
  4. Nikki is also a wonderful baker. She tried the pumpkin coffee cake from this post. I haven’t even tested this one out yet, but now I’m even more tempted!inspiration1
  5. Then there’s this pretty lady. Brie is a little fashionista all on her own, but she pulled together some bold lips (from this post) and animal print (from this post) perfectly. Her girlfriend just happened to be coordinating as well :)inspiration2
  6. And last but certainly not least is this gorgeous mini-reader. Her mom found inspiration from this post and I can only dream of being able to pull off this look. Absolute perfection, especially when she was on her way to see Pinkalicious!

If you’re interested in being featured, send me a message through the contact me tab and I will be in touch.

Thanks again to all of you! xx


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