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Bold Lips


If you follow my blog regularly, you’ve probably noticed that red is not a shade I am typically drawn to. Most shades are not in my color palette as a Summer (click here for reference) and I find it tricky to find the appropriate cool shade that works on me. This particular lip-color, Stila’s liquid lipstick in beso, came in one of my Birchbox’s a month or so ago and once seeing the red I immediately tucked it away behind the rest of my tubes of lipstick. It wasn’t until I threw on this scarf that the red came to mind. It turns out that it is pretty close to my shade of red and although I definitely felt out of my comfort zone, I think it worked well and I just may try it again.




When wearing denim with denim I would typically recommend wearing different shades to break things up a bit and keep it visually appealing. In this case however, I wanted more of a neutral backdrop if you will, that would allow the scarf and lips to make the statement.




When I was in a wedding of a good friend, this brooch happened to come with it. Even though I may not have another chance to wear the dress, this accessory will sure come in handy!


 Details: Gap top / Zara scarf / brooch (old )/ Gap jeans / Madewell tote / JCrew bracelet (old) / Blackstone boots / Stila lipstick in beso / Michael Kors watch


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