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My goodness this week has completely gotten away from me! Between the four-day week, keeping the kids on track with schoolwork (only a few more days!) and design projects picking back up, the days have been flying by. That being said, Father’s Day is going to be here in no time. In addition to all of those homemade cards and breakfasts in bed which can’t be topped, I’ve put together a husband approved gift guide to treat that special father in your life. Hopefully there’s something that will peak his interest!

Tie Dyed

Tie dye is certainly having a moment. It’s something that my kids have enjoyed doing every summer, as did I when I was young. But I have to say, my tie dyes never turned out looking nearly as good as the ones that are available to us today. With such a wide array at our fingertips, I find that I can be pretty particular when I narrow them all down. It has to have a pretty color combo and a good fit (be it oversized, cropped or include accents such as ruffles or puffed sleeves).

I was thrilled when I found the sweatshirt that I’m wearing above. It’s going to be the one I reach for on all those chilly summer evenings while we hang outdoors. I also realized just how much I love pairing tie dye with white for summer. It makes for quite a striking combo! Below are my favorites that I narrowed down after scouring and scrolling and scrolling. And if you’re more adventurous than me right now, let me know if you’re making your own!

Outdoor Fun

Photo: Heidi Lynn Photography

We are all likely to be spending more time at home this summer than we typically would, so my plan is to create as much fun as we can. We cleaned out our garage over the weekend and dug out all the summer toys to wipe down and immediately put into play. Our kids love playing outside and take advantage of each and every toy there is to play with.

My girls especially love breaking out the water toys. From sprinklers to water tables, if water is involved, they are occupied. Although I don’t consider myself a ‘gardener’, I do care for our outdoor flowers and landscaping and all kids have taken a part in giving a helping hand. It’s always more fun for them when they have their own tools. Then there’s the obvious outdoor snacking which can be made more fun with homemade popsicles, ice cream or snow cones! Finally, and most importantly, there are outdoor games. Below I’ve included games that the whole family can enjoy!

See below to gather some ideas on keeping your family entertained all summer long…





If you’re anything like me, you’re finding it a little bit difficult to break free of your sweats lately. But with warmer weather (hopefully) on the way, many of us are going to be spending a lot more time outdoors. From walks around your neighborhood, back yard grilling and wherever else we may be able to venture off to, kimonos and ruanas are a great, easy piece to turn to. They’ll turn a simple ensemble into a chic, pulled together, look like you know what you’re doing type look. In my opinion, they work well over solid basics as many of them come in colorful prints. I’d also recommend wearing more form fitting layers underneath, otherwise you’ll lack any sort of shape. Kimonos and ruanas also make perfect cover-ups to toss on over your swimsuits. I tracked down a bunch of cute options for you to check out below, should you be lacking one in your closet!

See my kimono and ruana picks here…

Coffee Talk

Guys, if you’re not a coffee drinker, I’m sorry. Kidding of course, but my first cup of coffee each morning is something I look forward to now more than ever! We used a Keurig for years which was convenient, but I think I forgot what I was missing. We switched back to a drip pot (actually for the first time in our marriage) a year or so ago and haven’t looked back. We prep it and the the ‘delay brew’ every night so that we walk down to a fresh pot every morning. We’ve been quite happy with this coffee maker, although to be honest, we don’t take advantage of all the specialty brews that you can prepare with it. We do enjoy using our french press every now and then on the weekends. It’s our fancy coffee.

When we switched to our coffee pot, I grabbed a pretty canister to keep our beans in. I typically grind them at the grocery store and having a sealed canister keeps them fresh and ready for our daily use. We all know the importance of a good mug. If you’re one that’s constantly re-heating, this one may be a smart choice for you. It keeps your drink hot for as long as you need!

If you enjoy iced coffee as my husband often does, this Hyper chiller is a great option for you. It chills your coffee of choice in minutes. And when it comes to creamer, their are so many options, but Nut Pods have been an ongoing favorite of mine. Flavorful, dairy free and light in calories (because I’m typically intermittent fasting), I enjoy a handful of their flavor options.

Below I’ve gathered our coffee staples and some fun options to help brighten your mornings! Cheers to the weekend everyone!

Outdoor Living Spaces

This past weekend while we enjoyed some incredible weather we started getting our back deck put together. It’s always so rejuvenating to create another space, or rather, an extension of your home and living space. I have a feeling most of us will be spending even more time at home than we typically do this summer, so I’m determined to make as much use of our deck as we can. With this in mind, I curated a few inspiration boards for outdoor living. I asked each of my kids which one they’d prefer and they each chose a different one! I guess it proves that they’re all to be desired <3

You can shop the products I’ve shared by clicking on the images below.


Shop the space:

The ‘tranquil retreat’ would most certainly take life poolside, or near the shore, but it could just as well be set up in any back yard…with an inflatable pool ;)


Shop the Space:

I love the simplicity of this look. It feels cozy and inviting, with a chic, updated vibe to it. Black has a way of grounding outdoor elements while setting a backdrop for nature to shine.


Shop the Space:

Who wouldn’t want to run out to this space every morning (and afternoon and evening?!). Bright and cheerful and ready to invite all the neighbors over….at a distance ;)

Let me know which was your favorite style from above and how you plan on spending your time outdoors this summer!