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Coffee Talk

Guys, if you’re not a coffee drinker, I’m sorry. Kidding of course, but my first cup of coffee each morning is something I look forward to now more than ever! We used a Keurig for years which was convenient, but I think I forgot what I was missing. We switched back to a drip pot (actually for the first time in our marriage) a year or so ago and haven’t looked back. We prep it and the the ‘delay brew’ every night so that we walk down to a fresh pot every morning. We’ve been quite happy with this coffee maker, although to be honest, we don’t take advantage of all the specialty brews that you can prepare with it. We do enjoy using our french press every now and then on the weekends. It’s our fancy coffee.

When we switched to our coffee pot, I grabbed a pretty canister to keep our beans in. I typically grind them at the grocery store and having a sealed canister keeps them fresh and ready for our daily use. We all know the importance of a good mug. If you’re one that’s constantly re-heating, this one may be a smart choice for you. It keeps your drink hot for as long as you need!

If you enjoy iced coffee as my husband often does, this Hyper chiller is a great option for you. It chills your coffee of choice in minutes. And when it comes to creamer, their are so many options, but Nut Pods have been an ongoing favorite of mine. Flavorful, dairy free and light in calories (because I’m typically intermittent fasting), I enjoy a handful of their flavor options.

Below I’ve gathered our coffee staples and some fun options to help brighten your mornings! Cheers to the weekend everyone!

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