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Outdoor Fun

Photo: Heidi Lynn Photography

We are all likely to be spending more time at home this summer than we typically would, so my plan is to create as much fun as we can. We cleaned out our garage over the weekend and dug out all the summer toys to wipe down and immediately put into play. Our kids love playing outside and take advantage of each and every toy there is to play with.

My girls especially love breaking out the water toys. From sprinklers to water tables, if water is involved, they are occupied. Although I don’t consider myself a ‘gardener’, I do care for our outdoor flowers and landscaping and all kids have taken a part in giving a helping hand. It’s always more fun for them when they have their own tools. Then there’s the obvious outdoor snacking which can be made more fun with homemade popsicles, ice cream or snow cones! Finally, and most importantly, there are outdoor games. Below I’ve included games that the whole family can enjoy!

See below to gather some ideas on keeping your family entertained all summer long…






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