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Tie Dyed

Tie dye is certainly having a moment. It’s something that my kids have enjoyed doing every summer, as did I when I was young. But I have to say, my tie dyes never turned out looking nearly as good as the ones that are available to us today. With such a wide array at our fingertips, I find that I can be pretty particular when I narrow them all down. It has to have a pretty color combo and a good fit (be it oversized, cropped or include accents such as ruffles or puffed sleeves).

I was thrilled when I found the sweatshirt that I’m wearing above. It’s going to be the one I reach for on all those chilly summer evenings while we hang outdoors. I also realized just how much I love pairing tie dye with white for summer. It makes for quite a striking combo! Below are my favorites that I narrowed down after scouring and scrolling and scrolling. And if you’re more adventurous than me right now, let me know if you’re making your own!

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