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Monthly Archives for November 2017

Sweater Dress

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are gearing up for the week ahead and all the hustle, bustle and traveling that’s involved! We got the bulk of our Christmas decorating out of the way over the weekend so I wouldn’t feel rushed immediately following Thanksgiving. And since we aren’t hosting this year, […]

Holiday Decor

Anyone start decorating yet? It’s ok if you have, I won’t judge. I’ve honestly wanted to start but haven’t had the time yet. Although I did make my front door wreath which you may have caught a glimpse of on my Insta-stories. After making this one and realizing just how simple it is, I decided […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess

I know there are some of you that have Christmas shopping well underway, others that have yet to think about it and then the rest that may fall into my boat; lists being drafted and a few gifts stashed away. I’ll have a handful of gift guides coming out over the next few weeks to […]


I have a few winter pieces that I’m not sure I’ll ever permanently remove from my closet. This shearling vest has been in there for a few years (not to worry, I’ve found more for you below) and each year I’m excited to break it out again. It’s so warm and pairs well with any […]

Cold Weather Layers

So, it’s Friday. And there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving and exactly two weeks until Black Friday. Am I the only one that’s just realizing this?! Oh and if you haven’t heard, the Rockefeller Christmas tree just headed out of (our) town yesterday! Audrey and I drove right past it as they were […]

Holiday Jump-start with JORD

It’s clear to me that we have entered November as the stores have immediately transformed into¬†Winter Wonderland’s. In one sense I hate to rush everything along, but on the other hand, I do love the holiday season and I prefer to take the time to enjoy it all. The Christmas music (which I am on […]

Family Holiday Attire

We had a lot going on this past weekend, part of which included a quick family photo session. My main goal was to get a shot for our Christmas cards, but I also like to update some framed family photos we have around our home. This year, I decided to go festive with our attire. […]

Wrapped Up

I hope you all had a great Halloween! My football player and two little mermaids had a great time and carried their weight home in candy (scroll down for a visual). We also had a first for Madelyn yesterday when I went to help her put on her costume and noticed her first tooth missing! […]

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