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Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess

I know there are some of you that have Christmas shopping well underway, others that have yet to think about it and then the rest that may fall into my boat; lists being drafted and a few gifts stashed away.

I’ll have a handful of gift guides coming out over the next few weeks to serve as inspiration for those that may need it. I felt that I would start off with the Hostess Gift Guide as parties are likely starting to pile up.¬† I’m guessing your hosts aren’t expecting anything other than your presence, but it can’t hurt to show up with a pretty¬†ornament, a little sweet treat, or some furry slippers to warm their feet once they are able to sit and relax. During the holidays it can also be helpful to stock up on thoughtful little gifts as you never know when you may need to grab one at the last minute!


1.) Apron: Chances are they may already own an apron, but how adorable to add a festive one they’d want to show off to their guests!

2.) Candle: I love these candles from the new Hearth & Hand line at Target. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

3.) Dessert Plate: I absolutely love the idea of this plate! The concept is to pass on a plate of baked goodies for someone to enjoy, refill and then pass on again. I’m tempted to get this started in our neighborhood :)

4.) Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate: If I haven’t shared this in previous years, I’m sorry. This hot chocolate puts all others to shame. There’s no turning back once you start! If not for a gift, I’d highly recommend you stuff this one in your own stocking!

5.) Travel Mug: These are adorable. And would pair well with an on-the-go hot chocolate ;)

6.) Christmas Ornament: Adorable ornaments are always welcomed in our home. Plus, I love the memories that are always attached to them!

7.) Cutting Board: This piece not only serves as a cutting board, but can double as a serving tray. Win, win!

8.) Slipper: Who could resist these? Plus, they’re only $15!

9.) Peppermint Bark: This is more of a holiday staple. I love having it around for those unexpected guests that are bound to stop by.

10.) Wine Bag: Wine is an obvious go-to gift, but why not dress it up with a little wine bag? These come as a set of three so you can keep some extra on hand.

11.) Wine Glass Writers: Genius, right? Not only could they be used to help keep track of who’s glass is who’s, but for those artistically talented, you could decorate glasses depending on the event!

12.) Mug: A little token of appreciation that they can smile at as they enjoy their morning coffee.

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