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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: KIDS

Alright guys, I finally have my kid’s gift guide ready to roll! And I only managed to overlap one item from last year’s guide (which is still relevant if you want to check it out!), but a bean bag is pretty classic after all, right? Sometimes I struggle pulling these together even with three little ones of my own, but this came together pretty seamlessly. I’m hoping it can serve as some good inspiration for you and any little ones you may have one your list this year!



1.) Suspend game: This was a new find for me, but it has a crazy amount of great reviews and it looks like a game that’s perfect (and FUN) for all ages, which is tricky to tackle with the range of kids in our house!

2.) Ice Cream Counter: My girls would love this ice cream stand! If only their lists weren’t already a mile long! So stinkin’ cute.

3.) Cuddle + Kind Bear: Okay, I lied. I also had another Cuddle+Kind animal on last years gift guide. My bad. But as an update, my girls have had theirs for a year now and my 2 year old sleeps with hers every night and my 5 year old keeps hers on her bed when it’s made. They play with them all the time as the ‘mommy’ and the ‘baby’ which is adorable. And just to top it off, each doll purchased feeds 10 meals to children in need. Pretty cool!

4.) Shopping Cart: We have plenty of plastic toys, but I love the authentic look of this shopping cart. We’ve had ours for years and it still looks brand new…and it’s had plenty of use! When Audrey was small enough, Madelyn actually pushed her around in the front seat :)

5.) Singing Machine: Anyone else have children that love to sing? I’m really hoping to get this for the girls as I can see it providing hours of entertainment for us all!

6.) Mini Helmets: For the football fans! My son has the NFL collection and loves setting them up and arranging and rearranging based on what games are being played. He’s hoping to start his college collection this Christmas ;)

7.) Bean Bag: My three each have one and love to lounge around on them. And stack them up and run full force into them like all normal kids do :)

8.) Sleeping Bag: Another classic gift, but boy do they have some adorable options!

9.) Drone Car: My son desperately wants a drone but I have no intention of paying an arm and a leg for one. I came across this option, a flying car, that I’m thinking he’d be pretty happy with.

10.) Drum Set: This was one of the best gifts given to my son when he turned one and we have since gifted it a number of times to others. It may be loud, but it keeps them busy!

11.) Baby Stella: A perfect first baby doll for little ones. The magnetic pacifier is a huge hit!

12.)  Puppet Theater: For all your rising theater stars, or for a little family fun. This theater can be set up anywhere in the home for great entertainment!



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