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Holiday Decor

Anyone start decorating yet? It’s ok if you have, I won’t judge. I’ve honestly wanted to start but haven’t had the time yet. Although I did make my front door wreath which you may have caught a glimpse of on my Insta-stories. After making this one and realizing just how simple it is, I decided to make another and get exactly what I wanted. I still recommend trying your hand at it if you have any interest!

When it comes to decorating my home, I’m never very set in my ways. This will be our third Christmas in this house and each year I change things up. When I’m shopping, I enjoy finding pieces that I love, which isn’t to say they are exactly what I need. I find that when I unpack my holiday boxes and they are all filled with pieces that speak to me (so to speak), I’m able to play around and rearrange as I see fit. Once I have everything decorated, then I can fill in the gaps by picking up a few odds and ends to finish things up.

So far this year I’ve picked up a family of white faux fur stockings, similar to these. I’m hoping to find ornament initials to hang with them on our mantle. As I was searching however, there were a number of adorable stockings out there. The beautiful print on these and the chunky knit detail on these could easily be runners up! I’m also a big fan of switching up some of my pillows around the holiday’s and have had a lot of luck on Etsy in previous years, finding some great options such as this one. Last year (or was it two years ago?), I randomly grabbed a tree collar at our HomeGoods and ended up loving the look of it on our tree. This year you can find them at numerous retailers, but I’m keen on something like¬†this¬†simple basketweave collar. I own a few pinecone garlands similar to this one and I use all of them every year. I’ll add them to green garland, place them over my mantle and drape them over my candelabra chandelier. Love them! Then there are always the fun pieces of decor, like a beautiful sign, a cute set of reindeer or a unique Advent calendar. All of which help to pull your home together in a beautiful, harmonious way :)

Take a look at some of my favorite pieces out this year and hopefully they can provide some inspiration for your own home!

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