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Monthly Archives for February 2017

Must-have Anorak

There aren’t a ton of items in my closet that I’d refer to as must-have’s, but this anorak jacket is certainly one of them! You likely saw me wear it all fall long and I briefly broke it out this past week as we enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather, and it’ll certainly be out all […]

Lighter Layers

I got this overalls last year and they’ve gotten much more wear than I had originally expected. With spring ahead of us, I’m thinking I may want to grab another pair. Maybe white? But I have kids…so maybe a lighter wash? That could probably work. Or possibly a cropped pair? Oh, decisions! I’m thinking of […]

Spring Sneaks

I can’t help but think spring with the warm-ish weather we’ve been having lately. I even switched out my wreath on our front door, only to notice that I still had some pine remnants sitting in the bucket beside it, haha. The kids have been swinging and riding their bikes and I don’t want to […]

Ruffles and Motherhood

Sorry for the short week last week! The end of our week turned a bit hectic and I ended up being out of town for a couple of days. The upside was that I was able to visit one of my favorite friends, her two sweet kiddos and amazingly adorable three month old! Goodness how […]


With Valentine’s Day just behind us and a Pinterest board filling in this hue, it was clear that I was to do a little ‘blush inspo’ post. Blush pink tops the charts in just about any season for me, although with spring on it’s way, it’s sure to be making a statement over the next […]

Laid Back Layers

Can I just throw it out there that titling blog posts might be the most difficult task of this whole blogging thing?! I can easily edit photos, draft a post and then stare blankly at the title for I don’t know how long. Sometimes (often) I go with the obvious, sometimes it’s witty….and then once […]


Maybe like me, you’ve seen this style of sweater pop up on Instagram and other blogs etc. throughout the winter? I love the look and I especially love that ruffles are having a huge moment right now…because I love ruffles, always. This particular style, however, I’m classifying into the ‘trendy’ section and that’s why I […]

That Bullseye

I think we can all agree that Target is pretty much where it’s at. Like, literally, where everything is at! This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, but I felt the need to share some favorites that I’ve been taking note of recently because this is my space to share¬†what I like…and I like Target […]

Thermal Peplum

That feeling you get when you turn on your camera and the battery light is flashing…ugh! To give you an idea, we shoot somewhere in the range of 50-75 images per shoot and this one we managed to squeeze in a whopping 16 before the battery died on us! Some professionals we are! Well, like […]

Sleeveless Sweater

If it’s going to be winter, I’m one who appreciates having some snow on the ground. I love watching it fall, laying on the trees and covering the ground. It’s so beautiful! You also know I love layering and bundling up and I’ve been breaking out this sleeveless turtleneck sweater again and again. I love […]

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