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Laid Back Layers

Can I just throw it out there that titling blog posts might be the most difficult task of this whole blogging thing?! I can easily edit photos, draft a post and then stare blankly at the title for I don’t know how long. Sometimes (often) I go with the obvious, sometimes it’s witty….and then once in a while I’ll ask my husband. In this case, his response involved something along the lines of sexy and scarf, lol! Not exactly what I was going for but thanks babe ;)

This past weekend we enjoyed some beautiful weather which was warm enough to go coat free. I recently got this scarf (which I’m hoping comes back in stock!) which will make a perfect transition piece into spring. I’m basically over shopping for winter (unless there’s an amazing deal to score), and I’m turning my attention on what I’ll be wearing in the upcoming months. I’m all over stripes lately as well, so I’m planning on ordering this cute striped tee to layer with scarves and jackets. And since this scarf is unavailable at the moment, I started to search for a few others to share and had trouble narrowing them down! Hi, I’m Marisa and I’m a scarf-aholic ;)

Details: BP scarf (see options below) / Striped shirt (similar) / Denim (similar) / Boots (similar) / Target sweater / Bag

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