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I think we can all agree that Target is pretty much where it’s at. Like, literally, where everything is at! This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, but I felt the need to share some favorites that I’ve been taking note of recently because this is my space to share¬†what I like…and I like Target ;) Between their Who What Wear line, Nate Berkus goodies, Cat and Jack line for the kiddos and my strong and steady Threshold brand, I find myself needing to circle the entire store these days! And if I don’t go in and spend all the money, then I tend to just walk out because I want it all and don’t know where to start (or stop, that’s probably more accurate!). So with that said, why don’t you get yourself into a store and look around a bit. Or if you don’t trust yourself fully, then check out some of my picks below to get a taste of the goodness!


1. Home Sweet Home door mat: Adorable and oh so welcoming!
2. Wire basket: a fun and chic way to keep your clutter (or their clutter) organized.
3. Lace top: Adorable and feminine top that would pair perfectly with denim or dressed up for say, Valentine’s Day?
4. Pom Pom bin: Super cute bin to add extra storage to your nursery or playroom.
5. Decorative mirror: Classy and chic and perfect for any room in your home.
6. Perforated mules: If you thought mules were big before, they are coming back in full force this spring!
7. Brass end table: Exactly what you’d expect from Nate Berkus…perfection in an end table ;)
8. Lace-Up sweater: I love a good lace-up sweater and even more so at this price!
9. Chevron rug: I love the colors and pattern in this rug and also love the fact that it also comes in a 2×3 option so it can be used all sorts of places in your home.


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