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Must-have Anorak

There aren’t a ton of items in my closet that I’d refer to as must-have’s, but this anorak jacket is certainly one of them! You likely saw me wear it all fall long and I briefly broke it out this past week as we enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather, and it’ll certainly be out all spring as well. If you don’t have anything similar in your closet, you should check this one out because it’s 40% off at the moment (and stocked in all sizes!). It’s a staple for sure in my wardrobe!

This top is another great piece that’s wonderful for now but¬†will work well in spring as it’s rather lightweight. Oh, and it’s $12! I receive a lot of questions about SheIn apparel as many are unfamiliar with them. They do send me pieces that I select every so often to review, but I only wear items that I feel are worth sharing. When browsing their site, here are a few quick tips that I use myself. Read the reviews. They can be very helpful in¬†determining fit, color, sizing etc., especially when pictures are included. I tend to hold off on anything that has yet to be reviewed or that I haven’t read about from other bloggers. Also, check the material so that you know what you’re getting, it can be difficult to tell by the picture alone. I tend to follow the you get what you pay for motto, but have been pleasantly surprised by many of the pieces that I have received from SheIn and I also do my best to include pieces at a range of price points on my blog as to appeal to a broader range of readers. I’d compare their pieces more to an Old Navy, rather than Gap or Anthropologie, but again, that’s their price point. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful when shopping next!

Details: SheIn top c/o / BP jacket / JCrew jeans (similar) / Boots (similar)

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