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Monthly Archives for September 2013

Fall Tablescape

I’m new to tablescaping, being that this is our first year with an actual dining room table, but I’m working on it. For this season I wanted to decorate using items that would not only make it through October (Halloween) but also on to Thanksgiving. I browsed Pinterest for ideas/inspiration and found this and this […]

High Five for Friday

Well it’s officially fall and I couldn’t be happier. Crisp, chilly mornings and warm afternoon sunshine. Apples are abundant and farmer’s markets are better than ever. My son took a field trip to a local orchard and has been filling me in on the in’s and out’s of apples all week. In case you were […]

Make your own Oreo

Oreo’s are one of my favorite kind of cookie. I swear I start eating from the pack and my husband needs to pry it out of my hands. I knew I wanted to try this recipe when I came across it on Smitten Kitchen. They don’t taste exactly like an oreo (at least mine don’t), […]

Making Color Work for You: Part 3

Ok friends, we’re now onto the third week of learning how to make color work for you. Last week I led you through the process of determining whether you are a cool or warm season. Now we’re going to take this one step further to determine which specific season you fall into. If you decided […]

Change is Inevitable

Change. I love it and I hate it. I know it’s inevitable and in many cases I am grateful and crave it. In others, I wish those winds would just blow on past me. I need a constant reminder to embrace it and accept it regardless of what it may bring my way. Regarding fitness, […]

Jeweled Details

I’m a huge fan of the jewel embellished tops that you often see at JCrew. It’s such an easy way to add some sparkle to an outfit without trying at all. I had my eye on this sweater at JCrew, but when I came across this LOFT sweatshirt I was sold. The comfort of a sweatshirt […]

High Five for Friday

It’s Friday! It’s been a long, fun, exhausting week and I’m looking forward to a great weekend ahead. My husband and I started off this week celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. I’d marry this man over and over every year if I could, and I’d wear a different dress each time :) I’d never say […]

Apple Snack Cake

By now you probably know that I love trying out new recipes. I have found some great recipes from Real Simple over the past few years and with fall upon us, I decided to try their apple snack cake. I’m having a get together this evening and thought it would be a great addition to […]

Making Color Work for You: Part 2

Welcome to week 2 of making color work for you (here’s week 1 if you missed it). This week we’re going to start the process by determining whether you are a warm (Spring, Autumn) or cool (Summer, Winter) season. In general, warm palettes should have you envisioning warm desert like areas, ie brown sand, burnt oranges, […]

Shoe Talk

This season I am very much looking forward to wearing my boots, booties and suede pumps, but during the week you are likely to find me in a more casual/comfortable option. I’m usually running here and there (not fun in pumps), taking my shoes off and on (not fun in boots), and trekking many miles […]

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