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Shoe Talk

This season I am very much looking forward to wearing my boots, booties and suede pumps, but during the week you are likely to find me in a more casual/comfortable option. I’m usually running here and there (not fun in pumps), taking my shoes off and on (not fun in boots), and trekking many miles each day (not fun in either). Thankfully, there are quite a few options for me to choose from that fit the bill.

My collection of TOMS is ever growing. Their comfort level is just unbeatable. I’m not opposed to sacrificing function for fashion, I’m often quite for it, but not during my chaotic days. Comfort often wins out. Converse are another fun option and they’re available in an array of options. I own the Shoreline style (shown below) which is made to be slip on and I find them to be more flattering on my foot. The traditional style makes my 8.5 foot look awkwardly long. Loafers and ballet flats are always classic options that I frequently turn to as well.

This collection would do nicely for me this fall…


  1. Superga sneakers
  2. Boden desert boot
  3. Converse chuck taylor shoreline sneaker
  4. C Wonder camo calf hair slipper loafer
  5. TOMS navy polka dot classics
  6. Loafers via Anthropologie
  7. Ballet flats via Anthropologie
  8. Madewell skimmer

What are your go-to fall comfort shoes?

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