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I realized that I hadn’t talked beauty in a bit with you all. The main reason is likely because my beauty habits don’t change all that frequently. For the most part, I continue to follow this routine which I discussed with you a while back. But there have been a few tweaks and additions. Let’s discuss briefly:



Posh Neutrals Palette by Bare MineralsBenefit’s Erase PasteLaura Mercier’s Radiance PrimerMAC’s Eye BrowsAmika’s Un.Done Texture Spray


Some days when I don’t feel like wearing foundation, I stick with Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer which is fantastic and gives just enough coverage. Recently however, when I wear the tinted moisturizer, I began mixing a drop of Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer to it before applying. In addition to setting a great base for my makeup, I love the slight glow it gives my skin…how I fool those that tell me I’m ‘glowing’ during pregnancy ;)

Benefit’s Erase Paste is another gem I’ve been using for a while now. My under eyes always need a little help and that will only be intensifying in the months to come! It covers, it holds and I love it.

I’m still a big fan of my Naked2 Eyeshadow palette, but I now go back and forth with this Posh Neutrals Palette by Bare Minerals. I love the colors, which take you from day to night, and also appreciate how well their shadows always apply.

I have extremely thin eyebrows. So much so that I rarely need to pluck in fear that they’ll disappear! I had tried another brow pencil previously, but when I started using MAC’s Eye Brows in lingering I was instantly addicted. It fills in my brows just enough and helps to give them the shape that I lack.

Finally, I wanted to throw in one new hair product that I mentioned last week, Amika’s Un.Done Texture Spray. As I continue to grow out my hair, I have to deal with the fact that it’s constantly changing. I love that this product adds the volume and texture that I need to finish my look at this length and I look forward to the way it’ll enhance my style as it continues to get longer. When you’re not looking for the shiny, Pantene looking hair, this spray gives you the perfectly ‘un-done’ looking style.





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