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My Daily Makeup Routine

Every once in a while I re-evaluate my make-up routine, but for the most part it is pretty consistent. When I discover a wonderful new product, such as Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, or Urban Decay’s Naked2 eyeshadow pallet, I adjust it as needed and keep the rest as is. Bare Minerals has been my go-to makeup for the past 3 or so years and it’s worked wonderfully. I typically use it year round, with the exception of my casual, summer days where I may only throw on some of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer as a base.

My typical routine goes something like this:

  • Apply well-rested under each eye to cover up any lack of sleep and my genetically acquired under eye circles
  • Apply foundation
  • Apply warmth in the shape of the number 3 from forehead to cheek to chin on both sides of face to add a touch of color to my wintry white skin
  • Apply blush on my upper cheek bones
  • Apply mineral veil to hold everything in place
  • Apply eyeshadow
  • Apply eyeliner (I like to use gray on an average day which is less harsh than black)
  • Apply They’re Real mascara to upper and lower lashes
  • Apply lipstick (MAC’s syrup is one I turn to often)


 (click image to enlarge)

Of course on days when concealer is necessary to cover any blemishes, I would throw that on as well. And if I know I’ll be having an extra long day I may start this process using Benefit’s POREfessional primer. Other than that, this is the routine that I could basically do in my sleep! Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and leaves me feeling put together.

Here are links to all of the products listed above:


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