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With Memorial Day upon us and summer just around the corner my guess is many of you have already begun spending more hours outdoors. Each year I tweak our back porch a little bit and it becomes more and more inviting to both our family and our guests. Seating is a great place to start. Whether it’s a dining table or a place to lounge, it’s important to determine exactly how you’d like the space to be used. We utilize a table as well as a couple of rocking chairs on our deck to provide extra seating. We also have some adirondack chairs in the yard which are perfect to relax in while reading a book or chatting with a friend. Lighting is another element that we added last year by stringing lights across our deck (which you can see here). The ambiance in the evening is unbeatable and it was a relatively inexpensive way to pack a big punch. Fire pits are another way to help create an environment where people like to gather. Plus, they are great for smores! You can then add in color that works with your home and your outdoor areas with rugs, pillows, plants etc. Like I said, it’s taken me years to really hone in on what works best for us, so don’t feel the pressure to pull everything together perfectly in one season. It’s an evolving space, just as the rest of the rooms in your home are. Little by little they come together exactly as you need them too.

Here are three inspiration boards that I hope are helpful in bringing your own spaces to life…

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If you have a group of friends that love a good time or you have kids in your home, you’ll be drawn to a space that can live and move with you. There are so many outdoor games that are not only fun for everyone but also aesthetically pleasing, in case you care about that ;) Set up a smore station and you’ll win everyone over….again and again!

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Creating a place that is meant for relaxing with a good book, sitting around a fire pit chatting with friends or enjoying drinks together is exactly what I envisioned for this space. A soothing blue color palette while bringing in some natural greenery creates a peaceful space anyone would be drawn to.

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This final board was so fun and festive to put together. I had seen the wooden flag in store and thought it was such a cool piece of decor. I love that the whole look gives off a patriotic vibe without being too over the top (ie cheesy)! This setup is great for all your summer BBQ’s and beyond!

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