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Outdoor living spaces seem to be something that many of us are appreciating more than ever. Being able to expand your square footage by any amount can feel like quite the luxury. This year we made a few updates to our deck that have made a huge difference in the way we utilize the space. I’ll share details as I discuss everything but I’ll also include exact and/or similar options to everything at the bottom of the post.

Last year I found this dining table at HomeGoods and immediately loved it. We had been using a table that had been handed down by my in-laws previously and took the time to settle into our home and contemplate what we wanted our deck to look like. A long rectangular table fits the space well and gives us more seats to utilize.

Also, for anyone questioning a mini-van, let me tell you that my husband managed to get this whole set home in one trip! He’s also a very determined person ;)

We used an umbrella out here in the past, but being that it was only necessary during the mid-afternoon hours (not our typical time to hang out there), we decided it wasn’t something we needed. Come late afternoon, the trees block any blaring sunlight and creates a relaxed setting.

We’ve certainly debated about adding a pergola over our deck, and it may be something we add down the road. We’d also love to eliminate the maintenance of the wood deck and use composite in place, so that may be something that evolves at some point in the future.

In an effort to add both light and ambiance, my husband added a post to the corner of our deck so that we could hang some outdoor lights. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference those lights make! If you’ve been debating on adding any, do it! We used these which are weather resistant and shatter proof and put off the perfect amount of light.

We also added this fire column at the beginning of the summer and love that at the flick of a switch we can have some flames. I’m also looking forward to fall when we can cozy up out here and enjoy the extra warmth.

The rocking chairs were also added and I love how it created a little extra seating area. Honestly, we can never have enough seats outs there and it’s nice that two can sit (or rock) and chat. This was the set I ordered. They’ve been in and out of stock and took over a month to arrive, but they were worth the wait. They were easy to assemble (per my husband) and I’m thrilled with both the comfort and quality of them.

We’ve had this bar cart for a few years. It’s very practical for hosting any type of gathering. Honestly, it would be helpful to have a few more!

Our exact dining set isn’t available, but I’ve linked a number of other options below. We’re thrilled with how everything has come together (it’s only taken 5 years), but the longer we live here the more I realize it’s best not to rush things. It takes time to figure out exactly what you want and then even longer to find it! I have no doubt this space will continue to evolve, but for now, it’s exactly as it needs to be.

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