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Today we are diving into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale again and I’m sharing my top picks in the shoe department. The shoes seem to be hanging in a little bit longer than the clothing which seems to be selling out very quickly! Well, the good stuff at least ;) There’s a nice selection of shoes available at some really great prices this year. I bought this pair of Sperry’s last year (they ended up selling out) and I’m glad to see them back because I know there were a number of you that had asked about them. I ordered this pair of cut-out booties this year and they are just adorable. I know I’ll be able to wear them with my cut-off shorts once the temps get below 80 degrees again, but they’ll obviously be perfect for fall as well. I also have my eye on a few pairs of over the knee boots, and I hope I can make my mind up before my size sells out!

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