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Before I dive into this post, let me first say that in one sense I am already over the Nordstrom Sale and it’s only 2 days in! Many of the blogs I follow as well as my Instagram and Snap Chat feeds seem to be overflowing with an overwhelming amount of information on this topic. But on the other hand, this sale is too good not to share and I’d feel like a horrible style blogger withholding the goods from you! So, with that said, I’ll try not to be too in your face, but rather throw in a few sporadic posts over the next few weeks as the sale goes on. The truth of it is though, that sizes do sell out (I watched as it happened to items in my cart this morning!), so take it upon yourself to do a little digging and track down any must have items on your list sooner than later!

Today I’m sharing my favorites in the clothing department (we’ll get to shoes and then accessories another time). Although I did order a few things yesterday, I’m glad we have some time to digest it all because these decisions are tough! Some really great outerwear, sweaters (including some cashmere at fab prices), everyday t-shirts to wear now and later, and leggings I know I’ll be thankful to have! I’ve also noted the prices now and what they’ll be once the sale ends, just so you can see what a great deal you’ll be getting!

The sale is currently only open to cardholders, but it’s quick and easy to apply if you’re interested in either a credit or debit card (I did a debit so I can keep myself in check ;) Otherwise it opens to the public July 22nd.

*Click images below for the details:


So what are your thoughts? What have you found? Are you totally over the sale or jumping right in to the fun? :)

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