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Happy Monday, all! I’m happy to see this weekend end. First of all because we decided to jump in and spring clean. The after effect is great but the process is just not what I call fun. Especially when you have two little ones tearing it up right behind you, ha! And second, on a totally different note, my feet had a reaction to my new favorite sandals that I talked about here. Ugh. This has actually happened to me once before and I couldn’t figure it out that time either. I was fine wearing them but by the evening my feet were itching like crazy! This lasted allll weekend. Have any of you ever had this happen? I’m sure I could go get tested for allergies, but what salesperson is going to know every chemical used in making shoes anyway? Well this time I’m not giving up. I ordered a pair of sandal insoles that are actually made for odor protection, but they stick to the bottom and cover the entire sole of the shoe, so that should solve the problem, right? That’s my thinking. But if any of you have ever dealt with something similar and figured it out please let me know! Or I’ll chalk it up to just being weird ;)

Okay, enough about that and on to some things I’ve been loving lately. No real rhyme or reason to this mix, but maybe something will catch your eye. You’ll likely be seeing a piece or two in some upcoming posts!


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  • Michelle says:

    I have the crop and roll 7FAMK skinnies and I love them.
    The bandana scarf is really stylish!
    Enjoy your week :)

    • marisa says:

      They just arrived here too and I love them! I was looking for a cute crop for summer, glad I can check that off!

  • Nikki says:

    I had been eyeing those pull-on matelasse shorts from JCrew for a while and finally caved and bought them last week when they went on sale. I’m dreaming up an outfit that pairs them with my JCrew kiss kiss t-shirt and black and cream espadrilles. You’re rubbing off on me! Now, if I can just find the time to shower and ditch my yoga pants so I can get into this outfit and out into the land of the living! :)

    • marisa says:

      Oh this outfit must turn into a reality!! Even if it’s just for a stroll around the block! xoxo

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