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Loving Lately: 5 Obsessions

Whether it’s by word of mouth, advertisements or randomly coming across a new item on your own, isn’t it always exciting to become obsessed with new products? I tend to go through phases of enjoying certain foods, playing with different types of makeup and using certain accessories on a day to day basis. It’s inevitable that they’ll change, but I enjoy the little love affairs while they last. I have gathered 5 of these such things to share, and who knows, maybe one will strike a cord with you!


1. Naked2 Palette: I realize this isn’t exactly breaking news, being that Naked3 recently made it’s way into stores, but after hearing enough about these eyeshadows I finally decided to get my hands on one. Although all three palettes were beautiful, the 2nd was the one that seemed to call my name. I’ve now been using it daily and enjoy mixing the beautiful hues. The quality of Urban Decay (if you haven’t used any of their products before) is worth every penny in my opinion.


2. Popcorners: If you haven’t tried these, you’re either going to love me or hate me for introducing you to them. My husband refers to them as our crack because we can’t open up a bag without finishing it. I love that there are only 3 ingredients and I can pronounce every one. Oh and they’re gluten free too, in case that’s an issue for you.


3. Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy: This was a product I discovered thanks to Birchbox. I had been buying countless tubes of hand lotion in an attempt to keep my hands from cracking this winter without much luck. Then this little guy showed up and has been doing the best job so far at keeping my hands hydrated. On top of doing its job, the scent is amazing! It smells better than some of my perfumes which is a great bonus.


4. The Mini Transport Crossbody: You all know about my continued love affair with this tote from Madewell, right? I’ve worn it here, here and here just to give a few examples. Well, now they have introduced it’s little sister, the mini. How wonderful is this bag? I don’t have any current plans to add this little guy to my closet because it would seem a little gluttonous, but I’m sure it would make one of you very happy!


5. Trader Joe’s Smoothies: I’ve recently come to find that every time I’m in Trader Joe’s (typically once or twice per week) one of these smoothies ends up in my cart! Late-afternoon (3 or 4ish) I tend to crave a snack and these have really been hitting the spot. In addition to the Mango, there’s a Very Green and a Power Berry which my kids also love the get their hands on.


How about you? Anything in particular that you’ve been a little obsessed with lately? I suppose I could also add coffee to this list, but that’s just a given ;)


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