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I realized that I’ve been sharing more of my personal life over on Instagram and Snapchat lately, but haven’t shared as much here. So here’s a quick update on life around here for those that follow along and those that may be new around here…


Madelyn turned 4 at the beginning of the summer and she’s preparing for 3-day preschool this fall. This girl is NON STOP, a great entertainer to her baby sister and is a coloring fanatic. Princess coloring books are her fav ;)


This guy has had my heart since we were in high school <3 His struggle with Lyme Disease (which I talk more about here) over the past few years has certainly thrown us for some loops. Unfortunately he has yet to see any results and struggles daily to fight through it. We both have personally had our ups and downs with it but we are praying and fighting through it each and every day. We have grown stronger without a doubt and I thank God for that! And to the many that have reached out over the past few years, thank you. Every word is appreciated!


Sweet Audrey has totally taken off this summer! She went from crawling, to walking to running and talking (well, Audrey talk) all around the house. She certainly makes her presence known and is no push-over to her older siblings!


An early summer surprise that came with our new home! My favorite!


This one is for the books. 4th of July in the pouring rain, terrified that the ‘farkler’ was going to get her :) And the outfit…I can’t even. You loose control after 3 kids, haha!


We took little Jack to NYC with us a few weeks ago. It was so refreshing to realize that traveling with kids won’t always be so challenging! We had so much fun spending one on one time with him. Exploring the city, playing Pokemon (ha!), skipping any naptimes and eating dinner at what would be his bedtime. I can’t believe he’s starting 2nd grade in a few weeks!


A very rare and peaceful moment. Maybe our only peaceful moment this summer? ;)


Our whole crew! At my nephew’s 2nd Birthday party where Audrey was quite concerned about a life- sized Cookie Monster!


I didn’t make a whole lot of progress on our house this summer, but my husband’s office is one room that’s coming together nicely. I had been on the hunt for a fiddle leaf fig tree for this corner and finally managed to track down the perfect one. Say some prayers for him, I’d really like to keep him around ;)


One of my most recent shots of these three. They make sure life is anything but boring, that’s for sure! The days are long but the years short….oh how true!!

Cheers to a great weekend gang! See you next week!




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