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High Five for Friday

After being out of town for four days last week, I spent most of this week playing catch-up on life. Catch-up in slow motion that is, because my body doesn’t seem to be moving as quickly as I’d like it to these days. That’s expected, I realize, but it doesn’t make the rest of the world slow down…or even just my kids for that matter ;) Regardless, the weekend is nearly here so I think we should be back on track shortly. I hope you all enjoyed your week!

Here’s a look at a few moments during my week:

1) My husband and I sneaking a selfie at my SIL’s wedding. Love this guy.


2) A quick stop in Anthropologie and I found myself wishing I could sit and watch this work turn into a masterpiece.


3) I remember getting sentimental when I was nearly due with this girl and tearing up as I realized my son would no longer be my baby, or the only child for that matter. I now catch myself staring at this sweet little lady and my heart hurts thinking that she’ll no longer be the ‘baby’. Granted, her self-proclaimed independence during this past year should be enough to reassure me that she’ll be okay, but it’s still change. And change isn’t always easy…for me at least.


4) Since the snow has just about disappeared, I figured it was alright to break out a bit of our spring decor.


5) Has everyone heard about the Lily Pulitzer for Target line coming in April? It was announced a few months ago, but I’m excited it’ll be arriving soon. Apparently the loyal fans of the line weren’t exactly thrilled about this, but I for one am happy to see it come to us at more than reasonable prices. This dress is one of my favs!



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