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Wedding Recap


My family and I spent this past weekend in Hudson Valley, NY for my sister in law’s wedding. Kayla and her new husband Matt made the most picture perfect bride and groom and put on a wedding that no one will forget. It was wonderful to see all of the details we have been discussing for months on end come to life. As Kayla, her sister, mother and I worked through the planning process, we sifted through Pinterest and other resources to come up with a classic, old world feel. After suggesting ‘marsala’, Pantone’s color of the year, Kayla ran with it and worked with her florist to create the most beautiful arrangements which included a number of succulents which I adore. Being the most laid back, perfect bride that she is, Kayla let her sister and I choose our own bridesmaid dresses in navy. She also tied in a new purchase from her groom, her Manolo’s, pictured above. I do plan on stealing them one of these days ;) I admit, I didn’t do the best job capturing everything there was to see. I was busy chasing after my 2yo as she made herself known as the life of the party! But there’s certainly enough to inspire you or a friend…or make you want to marry your husband all over again ;)





(first dance photo courtesy of our friend Jessica Braga)




Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Kaplowitz! Love you guys! xoxo


  • Kayla says:

    Love this post!! I think you captured the details perfectly. L.L., you can take all the credit for the color scheme — it was such a beautiful palette to work with. Best SIL ever! Love you.

  • Susan says:

    I’ve been hoping this is what you’d write about today…and it brought me to tears. Just beautiful….the bride, the venue, the kiddos, the siblings. Congrats to all! And much love, too XO
    PS but where’s the pic of the gorgeous mama-of-the-bride?!? ;)

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