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Today I have narrowed down my favorites (thus far) in the spring jacket department for you. As the post began to shape for me, I ended up grouping them into categories because there were more than one or two of each type that I wanted to share. This way, it gives all of your different personalities more options to chose from! Here’s the breakdown:

Cargo: Utility/military/anorak all sort of fall into this same category, so feel free to call it what you choose! You saw me wearing this one last week and heard me rave about how wonderful it (or anything of the sort) is. The green works with just about everything and the weight of these jackets are perfect for the spring weather but also leave room for layering. One of these in addition to a denim jacket would be on must have list for sure!

Moto: Moto jackets are very popular right now. I love that they can go from a laid-back camo style (perfect to pair with denim in any shade) to a draped faux suede (to take your outfit up a notch or for a night out layered over a dress) or a comfy knit (that could be paired with some cute joggers), they really run the gamut!

Denim: In case you don’t already have a go-to denim jacket, you might want to make this your season to grab one! And if you do own one, you may want to add another one in a different wash or color. Just do me a favor and don’t settle until you find one that fits like a glove. You’ll love it (and wear it) that much more!

Bomber: These are very on trend right now. I don’t have one, but I just saw this one as I was working on this post and I love its shape and adore that it comes in ‘rose’. I also found this one in an adorable polka-dot print at a great price point! A white tee, high waisted denim topped with a bomber feels so Grease-like doesn’t it? Although, they all wore skirts, didn’t they? Well, an updated Grease then ;) I love it!

Windbreaker: I love how these would tie in perfectly with the athleisure trend right now, or when you’re running to the gym, obviously. They’d also fair well as rain jackets which we know we’ll be needing shortly! I’m quite smitten over the color of this one!

Check out my selection below and let me know what you have, what you love and what you may give a try!!

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