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I’ve been procrastinating on this post, guys! In my book, men are the most difficult people to shop for. I think the two main reasons for this is that they tend to be fairly practical and/or when they need something they buy it! Can anyone else relate?

Well, with a little researching and a little discussion with my husband, we came up with a gift guide that I hope more than a few of you will find helpful! I didn’t look back on last year’s guide until I finished and luckily I only had one item overlap! Everything on that guide remains relevant however, so it may be worth checking out again as well: 2016 Gift Guide.

1. 23 And Me: Ancestry Report: My husband and father have both had this test done and we’re considering it for my FIL this year. They trace your DNA and give you a full report on your ancestry as well as a genetic health report (if selected). We found out, amongst other things, that Jack is 1% Sub-Saharan African, who knew!!

2. Google Home: Jack and Siri are pretty much BFF’s but he’s had this on his wishlist for a while now, and I have to say I’m rather tempted as well. A personal assistant for us both, hmmm!

3. Hyper Chiller: Just in time for summer, this device makes a perfect iced coffee in 60 seconds! I like benefiting from this gift, win/win!

4. Night Stand Valet:┬áBeautiful and practical, I love this piece and I’m guessing a few fathers may too. I know this handmade piece would make good use on Jack’s nightstand or desk alike!

5. DAD t-shirt: No nonsense, straight to the point. You can’t go wrong with this guy!

6. Sneakers: A fresh pair of on-trend sneakers is something most guys can appreciate.

7. FiberFix: This was the first thing out of my husbands mouth when I asked him about the gift guide. At first I started laughing because I assumed it had something to do with giving his system a little kick ;) But it turns out it’s something of a duct tape on steroids. It claims to fix all breaks, tears and cracks and at under $10 my guess is that my husband isn’t the only one that would benefit from having this on hand ;)

8. Bose Headphones: Sport headphones can be difficult to find, but the reviews on these make me think they might be worth it!

9. Daddy/Baby Gift Set: For all of those first time Father’s, check out this adorable set! What dad wouldn’t be proud to sport this?


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